Big Brother UK S10E76 (Channel 4)

Last night, Roddy and Charlie had an argument. Charlie comes to check on Bea and Roddy, but he doesn’t speak with Roddy. He talks with Bea. Roddy says that he doesn’t understand why Charlie takes the jokes too far.

Bea tells Marcus, Siavash and Halfwit that Roddy isn’t happy. Marcus says that Charlie is getting worse and worse. Bea tells Charlie that Roddy is feeling bad about the argument. Charlie tells them to just leave him. He’s always like this.

Roddy is talking with Lisa and David. Bea is in the diary room. She says that she deserves to stay over Lisa and David. Lisa and Charlie are shaving their hair. Sophie feels fat. She is fat. She has become chubby. My wife mentioned that the daily mail reported on this. She gained a lot of weight.

Siavash tells Halfwit that he thinks that Hira will go. Halfwit is still convinced that Lisa will go. Siavash doesn’t think that she is genuine. Haflwit says that she’s quite a ruthless competitor.

Hira wants to talk with Roddy. Charlie corners them. Charlie wants to know who is the angel and who is the demon. Charlie says that Roddy is aggressive. Hira doesn’t like the mood in the bedroom.

Charlie and Roddy are talking in the kitchen. They both accuse the other one of taking the joke too far. Roddy says that when it’s no it’s no. Roddy says that Charlie is the one who was getting aggressive. He was also drunk. Charlie says that they should stay away from each other. Roddy agrees. Charlie says that he will just ignore Roddy. Charlie smiles when Roddy leaves the room. He wasn’t serious.

Bea tells the bedroom that she fancies Siavash. Sophie and Marcus are there. Siavash says that he does fancy her as well. I can’t tell if they are joking or not. Even if they were joking, there is an element of truth in there. Bea has always been very open about the fact that she finds Siavash gorgeous.

David is mashing some potatoes. They’ve got gravy as well. Lisa tells Charlie that Marcus, Bea and Halfwit think that she is going. It doesn’t feel good to think that three HM would like her to go.

It’s eviction night and Hira is evicted. Lisa was convinced that she was going to go. She is totally surprised that Hira is evicted. Hira only got 5.65% of the vote to save. Immediately after the eviction, Lisa hugs David. Bea smirks disdainfully at them. Marcus says that Hira might have been slagging them off in the diary room.

Bea comes to the diary room to talk about Hira and Lisa. She is surprised that Lisa is still here. She compares her to a cockroach. Marcus says that it won’t make any difference to the house.

Bea and David are in the kitchen. They are talking about food and Hira. Charlie tells Lisa at the Bus Stop that she must not be as hated as some HM have thought.

Roddy, Siavash and Dogface are talking about Charlie. They ask him if he fancies Charlie. He says no. He says that he doesn’t fancy, but he would do something with him. He says that it’s because they are all together in this house.

Marcus breaks a bowl. Siavash and Bea are flirting at the Bus Stop. Lisa has come to the diary room.

Bea tells Halfwit that her neck is hurting. She was lying on him. They cuddle. Marcus is by the pool. Roddy comes to be with Charlie. They kiss and whisper in each other’s ears.

* * * * *

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