Big Brother UK S10E77 (Channel 4)

Roddy and Halfwit are talking about saying “have you” and “did you”. Earlier today, HM gave in their bedding to be cleaned by BB. Charlie comes to complain to Halfwit. He says that he doesn’t like people touching his stuff. Halfwit gave this in to be cleaned.

Later, Charlie is going on about things. He’s repeating himself. It’s annoying. Bea is complaining about a bite she has on her leg. Siavash says that the best thing is to piss on it.

Halfwit comes to the diary room to talk about Charlie. He didn’t like how Charlie brought the towel up in the group. He’s very selfish and suspicious of Halfwit.

All the HM are gathered in the garden. For today’s task, 4 HM have become spinning tops and 4 HM have become spinners. Dave has trouble spinning. He collapses after the music stops. He barely manages to place the block in its slot.

The HM are eating spaghetti Bolognese that David made. David and Lisa are sitting in the kitchen. Halfwit asks them why aren’t they sitting at the table with everyone else. They join the other HM. Marcus has got atrocious table manners. Bea is sure to point it out to him.

The HM are talking about sex. David tells some BS story. Charlie creeps up to him from the pool to scare him. Lisa, Dogface and David are talking about Bea. David says that she never does the washing up. Bea and Siavash are in the diary room. Bea says that Dave has been very funny, but he’s still acting more stupid that he really is. Siavash doesn’t like how he looks around for the cameras when he does something funny. Bea says that he’s fake. He’s also claimed the kitchen forcefully. Bea would like to cook. She thinks it has do to with nominations.

The HM are drinking alcohol. They exchanged a token for it. Halfwit, Siavash and Bea are at the Bus Stop. Bea says that Dave is trying to fly under the radar. Bea is kind of talking about nominations. She says that if Dave carries on the way that he has this week, he will be safe next week.

Bea is talking with Halfwit. She says that she cannot go on not saying anything. Halfwit tries to calm her down. Marcus tells Lisa that Sophie traded him some fish, bacon and sausages. Dogface saw a pack of cigarettes under Marcus’ bed. The HM aren’t happy. Bea, Halfwit, Charlie, and Sophie talk about it. Marcus says that they are his fags. He was going to give it to Bea. Marcus tries to backpedal. The other HM are a bit astounded that he took them. He’s not a smoker.

Lisa and David are talking about Marcus stealing smokes. Bea and Halfwit are talking about David. Bea can’t just let it go.

Marcus gets riled up. He goes out to see them. Bea says that she doesn’t give a shit about the fags. Now Marcus can’t let it go. Bea keeps repeating that she doesn’t give a shit. Marcus says that he doesn’t give a shit and tells them to f**k off. He walks away. Halfwit is frustrated. Marcus is angry that that Bea was shocked. Charlie and Lisa come over to talk. David arrives as well.

Marcus tells Dogface and Siavash that Bea was bang out of order. Marcus is a wanker. Halfwit wants explanations from Marcus. He tells Halfwit that he follows Bea around. Halfwit says that he got vibes off from Sophie. Charlie being an ass and getting involved in this. Halfwit is getting really annoyed. Charlie starts swearing at Halfwit. Halfwit tells Charlie that he is full of shit. Charlie starts going off at him. Charlie complains to Roddy and Bea. Charlie says that Halfwit is plotting and scheming behind his back. He keeps repeating it. He is going on about things.

Now there are multiple arguments going on at the same time. Halfwit and Sophie are talking. She says that he shouldn’t take things in a bad way. Charlie comes back in. He should just leave it alone. Halfwit says that he is paranoid and suspicious. Halfwit is very calm.

Bea is still arguing with Marcus. She says that Marcus is being ridiculous. He is going to make her cry. She leaves in tears because he is a wanker. Charlie blames Halfwit for trying to turn him against Lisa. Halfwit says that Charlie is just venting. Charlie continues to swear at Halfwit and leaves.

Bea has come to seek comfort from David, Siavash and Lisa. A while later, Sophie and Marcus are talking. She tells Marcus that she wants to get nominated this week. She says that Marcus and Siavash should put her up for eviction. Marcus says that she’s done it again. Everyone will be up for nominations.

HM are unaware that because the rules of the noms were broken, there will be consequences for all of the house.

Charlie comes back to talk to Halfwit. He’s calmer. Charlie is getting worked up again. Charlie starts to shush him. Halfwit says that Charlie has got him so wrong. He called him a bitch and schemer. Charlie says that he doesn’t want to talk about this tonight. Bea is talking with Lisa and David. She says that Marcus doesn’t look good. He’s a non-smoker and he took the cigarettes. He was on the wrong.

Bea tries to talk with Marcus for being a wanker. Marcus apologizes. Bea is annoyed. It’s half past three AM. Bea just walks away. Marcus is still going on about it with Siavash saying that she was in the wrong. Bea goes to bitch to Halfwit in the bathroom. She then goes to bed.

* * * * *

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