Big Brother UK S10E78 (Channel 4)

The HM are woken up by a crying baby alarm. Bea doesn’t like it. She gets up immediately and leaves the bedroom. HM must get up whenever they hear the alarm. Marcus is still sleeping as is Halfwit and Siavash. 44 minutes later, the alarm sounds again. BB has been playing the alarm for the last 1:20. The HM have not been getting up. BB calls Marcus, Siavash and Haflwit to the diary room.

Dogface and Rodrigo are in the kitchen. Roddy tells her that she is rude and nasty. Last night the HM had an argument. Bea and Charlie are in the garden. Bea says that Freddie has got the right to an opinion.

BB tells the HM to remove their duvets. BB is talking to Marcus, Halfwit and Siavash. The whole house will be punished if they don’t get up. Marcus isn’t happy. He wants to sleep in the diary room. They all start sleeping in the diary room. The alarm is played into that room. Halfwit starts singing badly. Siavash is making noise as well.

Bea notices the noise. She is in the pool. Roddy says it’s a baby crying from outside. Siavash fumbles with the wiring. BB informs them that this is a breach of the rules. They are told to leave the diary room.

Halfwit tells the other HM what just happened. He doesn’t really care about what they did. It sounds like he’s really grumpy about it.

BB has called Marcus, Halfwit and Siavash to the diary room. BB tells them that they have to report to jail immediately. After 26 minutes, Marcus doesn’t like it anymore. He doesn’t like sitting in the sun. They all decide to leave jail. BB says that they have to return to jail. Charlie tells them to ignore BB. Then they are called to the diary room. If they do not do this, there will be severe consequences for the house. Lisa and David are bitching about them.

The three escapees come to the diary room. Marcus is swearing at BB. BB tells Halfwit that he has to address BB with respect. They all leave the diary room.

Charlie is once again complaining about Roddy. He says that he made his arm bleed. Lisa, Dogface, Marcus and David are in the bedroom. Lisa starts getting pissed off. Roddy calls Charlie a liar. Charlie is just a crybaby. Roddy calls Charlie false.

Bea tells Freddie that she is sick of all the negativity. Halfwit tries to explain, but she just walks away and dismisses his rebellion. She says that it’s just rebellion without a cause. She says that Freddie is pissing BB off. He doesn’t usually swear but before he was constantly swearing. She implies that Marcus is influencing him and then backpedals.

BB has gathered all of the HM are the dining table. BB says since HM have been breaking the rules all HM will be punished. Marcus walks away and starts swearing again. Bea doesn’t understand his reaction. Lisa is pissed off. Marcus goes to the garden. Siavash and Halfwit join them. Sophie has really gained a lot of weight. She is talking with David. Halfwit wishes that Bea wouldn’t give a shit. Siavash thinks the same way. Marcus thinks that they will take the beds away. Lisa is talking shit to the other HM. Bea says that the best thing to do is just to go with it and ignore it.

Lisa comes to the diary room. She comes to complain. She tells BB that they should just chuck the rule-breakers out. Roddy is pissed at the rule-breakers. He is disappointed in him and Siavash. He stays in bed each day. He tells Halfwit that he has changed. He wasn’t a rebel before.

Lisa and David are eating apart from the group. They don’t want to pretend anymore. Once they leave the kitchen, the kitchen locks. It’s been out-of-bounds for about an hour. Siavash apologizes for what he has done. He is the only one who said it. Lisa says that at least he said sorry. David says that it’s just a word.

Halfwit says that if nothing had happened this morning he would have had a chat with Bea and Marcus. Bea says that she wouldn’t feel up for that. Halfwit starts going on about things. Bea is going to leave the room. Bea says that last night is last night. Halfwit wants to be a mediator. Bea says that it was dealt with last night. She says that she appreciates the sentiment but she doesn’t need a mediator.

The HM rush into the kitchen. All of the food is gone. They will receive basic rations.

David is complaining in the diary room.

Sophie tells Marcus that he is disrespectful to BB. He is doing wrong. Siavash apologized, but Marcus never did. She says that Marcus is arrogant and just laughs it off.

Later, Marcus and Charlie are in the pool. Siavash, Bea and Halfwit are at the Bus Stop. The atmosphere is tense. Halfwit accuses Bea of going to the other side. Bea tells him that he is just being an idiot about trying to mediate the situation. She says that everything was fine until he got involved again. She says that it was unnecessary, meddling and negative. She calls him paranoid. Halfwit says that she bitches all the time and that’s not negative. Bea says that Freddie is bored, that’s why he is like that. He is looking for issues where there are none. She tells him to analyze himself. Bea says thinks that he isn’t as clever as he thinks that he is. When it comes to spotting self-awareness, she thinks that he needs to give it some time. Freddie leaves for the diary room. David and Lisa say that it was common sense. Freddie was “stuck” for words for once.

Halfwit apologizes to Bea for insulting her. Bea isn’t happy. She doesn’t want to talk anymore. She gets annoyed and gives him shit. Freddie can’t leave it alone. He isn’t apologetic about what he has done. Bea tells him to be quiet.

* * * * *

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