Big Brother UK S10E79 (Channel 4)

This morning, Roddy bitches to Halfwit about losing all of the food. Halfwit apologizes. Roddy isn’t having it. He tells him that he was laughing about it and swearing. Lisa tells him not to tell everyone that he wants her to leave. It’s not nice. They sort it out a bit. Not really though, they are just platitudes.

Marcus, Freddie and Siavash are talking about the scene that Bea created last night in the bedroom. Halfwit says that it’s a page out of Charlie’s paranoid book. Siavash found it funny, but he’s disappointed in her. Siavash says that she was really loud to expose Freddie to everyone. Halfwit says that she is very judgmental. Siavash says that he has been thrown to the wolves, but he wasn’t ever treated like Bea was with Freddie. Siavash says that nothing will make him like her again. Halfwit tells Siavash that he’s happy that he’s here. Marcus comes to see Halfwit and tells him that Siavash is exactly like Bea. He’s manipulating the situation socially. Marcus says that he isn’t helping Freddie, he’s just making Freddie look even worse. Marcus blames Siavash for everyone. He’s an ass-licker.

Halfwit is in the bedroom. Bea walks in. She asks if he is alright and he replies no. Freddie tells her that she was picking on him. Bea once again tells him to stop causing trouble. She doesn’t want to talk to him and tells him to stop meddling. Bea starts freaking out and shouting. Bea is very manipulative. She turns any situation to her advantage. She was in the wrong for creating a situation last night.

Halfwit has come to the diary room. He says that Bea’s action have made him look bad in the house, just in time for nominations. He starts to cry.

Bea is talking with Marcus. She says that Freddie has turned against her. Marcus tells people to cut HM some slack.

Today the HM will nominate for the 10th time. Over the past few days, the HM have been breaking the rules. As a result, BB will allow them to talk about nominations. David doesn’t want to talk about nominations. Marcus and Halfwit laugh.

Roddy is told by Charlie that he nominated him. Lisa tells David that she knows who she is nominating. David also knows, but they aren’t talking about it. Bea tells Lisa that she is nominating Marcus and Freddie. Lisa says that she is also nominating them.


Bea                  Marcus                        David
Charlie           Marcus                        Halfwit
David              Marcus                        Halfwit
Dogface          Marcus                        Halfwit
Halfwit            Marcus                        David
Lisa                 Marcus                        Halfwit
Roddy             Marcus                        Halfwit
Marcus           Bea                                David
Siavash           Bea                                David

Marcus and Halfwit are both nominated this week. What a surprise!

Sophie tells Roddy that her boobs have grown. She doesn’t understand that she’s just gaining weight.

Bea tells Halfwit that she is going to move beds. She says that she finds him negative and she tries to stay away from negative people as far as possible. She finds him annoying. He’s so upset that he’s got trouble speaking. She doesn’t appreciate him stumbling in his words.

Bea tells her new allies Roddy, Lisa, and David that she doesn’t want to be sleeping in the same bed as Freddie. Siavash checks up on Freddie. He says that he’s been emotionally terrorized. He’s sobbing in his bed. He tells Siavash what Bea told him. She said that she wants to be as far away as possible. She doesn’t want to catch anything off him. His aura is disgusting. Siavash tells him that Bea isn’t a nice person so he shouldn’t get so upset. Halfwit says that she is a nasty piece of work. Siavash says that she is the most negative person he has ever met.

Roddy sees Freddie crying. He has a word with Bea because he feels sorry for him. I find it unsurprising that it takes someone else to make Bea see how horrible she’s been behaving. It’s not like she didn’t know. He’s been in bed for a long time. She’s just concerned about how things look. Bea denies saying anything negative to Freddie. She’s lying of course. He tells her that her voice is giving him a panic attack, so she should please leave him alone.

Bea comes out to complain to Marcus. She wants Marcus to talk to him. She’s despicable.

Charlie dresses up as an old lady. Siavash and Bea are at the Bus Stop. She tells him that she doesn’t know what she has done. Siavash thinks that it’s obvious, but she just denies it and said that Freddie said those things about her. Freddie has been in the diary room for half an hour. Siavash tells Freddie that he just talked with Bea and explained what she did to Freddie.

* * * * *

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