Big Brother UK S10E80 (Channel 4)

For this week’s shopping task, HM will learn about everything British. Bea and Halfwit are talking. It looks like he’s waiting to get into the diary room. He’s going to be lighthearted like Bea. He doesn’t want to be near her right now. He wonders if she will apologize.

Bea tells Marcus that she is going to be positive. She’s tired of always being called negative. Bea comes out to the Bus Stop. She disses Siavash, Marcus and Halfwit. A few moments later, she starts to bitch about Halfwit. She dismisses her total horribleness of the last few days.

Siavash has got the instructions for this week’s task. Bea is making a big deal about her part of the task. Bea looks shocked because she didn’t get her way. She starts to bitch to Marcus. Marcus is upset about the picture they chose for the board. He moans to Bea. Bea wants to do the etiquette task. She tells this to Roddy and Sophie. She thinks that she would be the best at that task. Dogface mixes up eloquence and etiquette. She’s one stupid big-tittied fatso blonde!

Marcus has come to the diary room. He moans about the photo. He’s like a little girl.

Lisa tells Bea that the others are picking on her. Bea agrees. What a crock! She’s a total bitch and doesn’t realize how much of a bitch she really is. They bitch about Marcus.

Bea, Lisa and David are going to bet no the horse races. If they win, their winnings will go toward the shopping budget. If the HM fail, the HM will receive 25 quid. Marcus and Siavash must snorkel a bog every time music plays. It starts playing right away. David is already retching. Bea shouts at Marcus to put his head in the mud. Siavash goes in next. He squeals through his snorkel.

Lisa is a happy bitch. She asks BB to play the music again. It does so and they have to snorkel again.

You have to talk like a lady and be very gentleman-like.

Halfwit is playing the bagpipe. He must hold a note for 30 seconds.

Siavash says that the world’s problems are all related to selfishness. They talk about Bea. They don’t like her deviousness. She also tries to blame other people. They think that she doesn’t listen and is very negative. The music sounds again. Dogface is also happy to see them go into the mud. Siavash is laughing in the mud. He says that his cock is stuck. It took him a long time.

Bea, David and Lisa are in the diary room. They are placing their bets.

HM are told that Marcus and Halfwit. That was easy. They turned the whole house against them when they “rebelled” and argued with Bea. Halfwit finds it funny that Charlie about his nominations. He specifically said that he wouldn’t nominate Freddie but he did. He’s a little lying git.

Bea and Dogface tells Marcus that they wouldn’t be surprised if he stayed this week. Halfwit is in the diary room. The results of the noms didn’t make him feel good.

Charlie, Lisa, David and Bea aren’t happy that Halfwit told Marcus that he’s going to go home. They think that Halfwit is very conceited.

David is celebrating that he isn’t nominated. Halfwit tells Marcus and Siavash that he is avoiding conflict. Marcus wants to go home. If Marcus leaves, they will just nominate Halfwit every week.

The HM gather for the horse race. They lose. A bit later, the HM gather for Halfwit’s attempt to hold a 30-second note. If he wins, they get 80 quid. If he doesn’t, they only get 25. He’s got no problems holding the note. From Bea’s face, I can see that she wanted Freddie to fail.

Roddy tells Freddie that he got his nomination because he lost the food for the group. The music sounds again for Siavash and Marcus to go into the mud.

* * * * *

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