Big Brother UK S10E81 (Channel 4)

Rodrigo is called to the diary room for his part in this week’s shopping task. He is going to meet the Queen. The fake Queen that is. For tea. He will be sorely disappointed when he learns that it’s not the real Queen. The HM say the same thing. He must learn the national anthem and sing it to the Queen when he meets her.

The HM are told that a fake Queen is meeting Roddy. In order to pass their task, they must convince Roddy that he is meeting the real Queen. If they accomplish their task, they will win 5 tokens and an individual prize.

Bea asks Halfwit how he is feeling about Friday. He says that he is sure that he is staying. Marcus is leaving. He asks Bea how she would feel if he left. She says that it’s been a horrible week and she honestly doesn’t know. Right after, she gossips with Lisa and David. Lisa says that she will never keep in contact with him. She can’t stand him. Bea still believes that she didn’t do anything wrong. Lisa says that he’s the one playing the game.

Roddy comes out of the diary room and the HM start their BS in order to convince him that he is meeting the Queen.

Marcus and Freddie are talking about Bea. He doesn’t care about her anymore. She’s a total bitch.

Bea, Lisa and Dogface are helping Roddy with his task. Charlie doesn’t think that Roddy is going to go far. The situation is quite desperate. He shakes his head slightly while he watches Roddy go through the motions. He’s upset that it’s fake.

Bea has come to the diary room. She starts to complain and bitch about Halfwit. She wants him to leave. She thinks that his plan is to make her look mean and nasty.

Roddy is going to meet the fake Queen. Bea thinks that Halfwit is being absurd in thinking that the Queen might come to BB. He’s just messing around but she is really getting annoyed with him. Charlie feels bad. When Roddy learns that it’s fake, he’ll feel like a tit. Halfwit and Bea are arguing. They are talking about deceiving Roddy for the rest of the show. Halfwit is all for it in order to stir things up. Bea thinks that it’s atrocious, as does Charlie.

Roddy barely knows the anthem. Actually he does know it, but he’s got a really bad singing voice. Roddy dunks his biscuit because the fake Queen does so. Roddy is called to the diary room.

Marcus asks Bea not to be negative to Freddie. She doesn’t listen to what he says. He is saying this so that the can leave. She says that she actually wants Freddie to leave, so she is going to involve Freddie as much as possible.

Siavash and Lisa pretend what will happen in the diary room when BB reveals to Roddy what happened with the fake Queen. In the diary room, BB tells Roddy that in order to pass the task, HM had to convince him that he was meeting the real Queen. He is speechless. He can’t believe that BB did that to him. He starts to laugh maniacally. He is very embarrassed.

For his special prize, Roddy receives a letter from Buckingham Palace. They refuse his audience with the Queen. He also receives a gift from Buckingham Palace. It’s a cup. In addition, they have won messages from home.

Bea, Marcus and Charlie are still up. The other HM are sleeping. Bea wants to nick a can of cider from Freddie. Charlie and Marcus tell her that it’s not nice. Marcus says that constantly insulting Freddie isn’t positive. She thinks that it is. She only feels negative when she speaks with Marcus, Freddie and Siavash. She talks over him and doesn’t want to hear his response. She says that she is getting upset. She starts to cry. She has a poor me complex and everything is about her. She is manipulating the situation to her advantage. She is getting really loud and shouts at him. She says that they are bullying her. She walks off. He says that she isn’t nice. She leaves for the diary room. It’s total BS. She’s a drama queen. Charlie hugs her and tells her not to get upset.

Marcus says that she can’t be mindlessly horrible to people and can’t take it. Freddie is laughing in the bedroom. She has made him upset as well. Charlie hears this and tells Bea what he did. Charlie is another shit-stirrer. She goes to the bathroom to cry.

Charlie is called an idiot by Halfwit for shit-stirring. She calls Marcus as nasty man, as is Freddie. Charlie asks Freddie to stop picking on her. Halfwit was himself being bullied by Bea. Halfwit says that she has been awful to him. Halfwit says that Charlie has been dead suspicious to him. Marcus tells him to just go to bed so that the public doesn’t want to send him out. Freddie goes to bed.

* * * * *

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