Big Brother UK S10E84 (Channel 4)

Bea is called to the diary room because she hasn’t been wearing her microphone. She is told off for not wearing it.

Dogface and Halfwit get their names back. Dogface has gotten very fat. It’s their special prize.

Bea is in the bedroom changing again. She is once again reminded to put on her microphone. She is called to the diary room. She is told that she has to be punished and go to jail. She says that is unfair and that she won’t fair well. She leaves protesting. I’m pretty happy about this. She complains to David.

Freddie laughs in the garden. Charlie tells him to stop laughing. Marcus is there. Charlie comes to tell Bea that Freddie is laughing. Bea insults Freddie and asks Charlie to sit with her.

Freddie and Marcus are in the bedroom. Marcus reads his fan mail. Bea has been allowed out for a pee break. She is told to return to jail. When Freddie wants to lock her in, she flips him off. Roddy tells her that she is being rude.

It’s eviction night and Charlie makes another bad joke about Roddy. He doesn’t take it well. Freddie is evicted. Most of the HM thought that Marcus was going home. Siavash tells the HM that Freddie was a very nice guy. Bea takes the opportunity to insult Freddie some more. He calls Bea a f**king idiot. She is a selfish git. Only Lisa isn’t a bum licker.

Bea has come to the diary room to gloat that Freddie is gone. She takes the opportunity to insult Marcus and bitch about him.

Charlie tells Sophie that she follows Roddy around like a little sheep. He leaves to leave Sophie alone. Roddy and Charlie get into another argument. Charlie leaves. Roddy tells Sophie that he is jealous because Sophie is Roddy’s best friend in the house. Charlie goes next to the pool and cries. Charlie complains to Lisa, Bea and David. He says that he wants to leave. Sophie feels like they are the bad ones because Charlie is crying.

Bea and Charlie have to carry Sophie to bed. They get shushed by the sleeping HM. Roddy, Siavash, Lisa and David are sleeping. Charlie starts to shout. Roddy gets really angry. He wants them to leave. Charlie is provoking Roddy. He really shouts loudly. Roddy comes up to Charlie and tells him to shut up. He had his finger in Charlie’s face. Sophie tries to restrain Roddy. Roddy goes back up to Charlie and tells him to shut up. BB calls Roddy to the diary room. He doesn’t want to go. He’s really angry. Charlie says that he’s done nothing wrong.

In the diary room, Roddy is screaming like a crazy person. He is pacing. He doesn’t let BB talk. He kicks the door repeatedly. He says that he is leaving the house. He shouts like a drama queen. Roddy starts sobbing. He isn’t happy that BB called him to the diary room. He didn’t call Charlie. Roddy has calmed down. He’s no longer shouting.

In the bedroom, Charlie thinks that Roddy wants to screw him. David can hear Roddy shouting in the diary room.

BB calls Charlie to the diary room. He makes a big deal out of it. He makes a lot of noise. Roddy calls him a bastard and tells him to go. He also throws some water at him. Bea tries to ingratiate herself to Roddy, but it doesn’t work. She got some water on her. Roddy tells them that Sophie and Bea are OK. The problem is with Charlie.

Charlie says that he is soaked with water. He says that he is upset. He keeps saying that he has done nothing wrong. He has always been nice to Roddy. BB tells him that he needs time apart from Roddy so that all HM can get some sleep.

* * * * *

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