2010 Giant Road Bicycles

10 Giant TCR Advanced SL
'10 Giant TCR Advanced SL

There aren’t many changes in the 2010 lineup for road bikes. Naturally, the colors are changing a bit. The 2010 TCR Advanced SL line stays pretty much the same. The Dura Ace and SRAM Red SLs should drop $1,000 in price, to $7,000 and $6,300 respectively. In Taiwan, I’d expect these bikes to retail for $4,500 and $4,000, maybe even less. This means that ’09 models are going to drop prices by at least another $500-$700¹. If a complete ’09 TCR Advanced SL 0 retails for about $3,000², then it’s a serious contender as my main bike once again, knocking out the second-hand Kuota KOM. Colors are pretty much the same for those two models. That being said, these Giant prices are really impressive. Giant were already competitive, but even more so now. The SL 0 is a fine looking beast, with red handlebar tape, red/white decals and everything else black. As a testament, take a gander at the photo below. It’s the SL that I’m talking about.

09 Giant TCR Advanced SL 0
'09 Giant TCR Advanced SL 0

The ’09 SL2 is now the ’10 SL3 with Ultegra and should sell for $4,000. The TCR Advanced line now has a Dura Ace 7900 bike. The biggest news is that the frame prices drop to about 2,950 and 2,750 for the ISP and the non-ISP TCR Advanced SL frames.

Giant TCR Advanced non-ISP
Giant TCR Advanced non-ISP

Giant will release a bunch of new carbon components, from stems to bars for the higher-end models. The new Giant stem looks a bit like a Zipp, but it’s more squared off. The handlebar resembles an FSA K-Force ergo bend. It includes adjustments in reach and drop for each bar. Giant doesn’t plan on offering a BB30 frame, as their BB86 keeps testing stiffer in their lab.


[¹] This was true for the ’08 bikes. ’07 will drop by at least a similar amount, if you can find one in your size that is.
[²] With SRAM Red and Zipp 404s. The ’09 prize for an SL0 is $4,500 in Taiwan.

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Author: range

I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

24 thoughts on “2010 Giant Road Bicycles”

  1. They are very nice. If the ’09 TCR Advanced SL 0 retails here at about $3K, then it’s definitely going to be my bike since that was the total price of a bike that I was aiming for.

  2. I haven’t really reported on the entry and more mid-range level bikes as for one, I have got no idea what Giant is planning and I’m less interested in them of course. I have been told that there will be some price increased this year for some models.

  3. Hi range,

    Found your site googling bike shops in taiwan. Thanks for all of the great info on bike deals to be had over there.

    1. any idea how much the Giant TCR Alliance (US MSRP: $2,075) sells for in Taipei?

    2. does the ballpark 35% discount off US MSRP you quote for Giant apply to other brands as well (Orbea, Felt, Specialized, Wilier, etc)?

    3. do you have any LBS in Taipei that you recommend? I am looking for entry to mid level road bikes and am willing to spend up to US$1500 for a complete. Target brands – Giant, Orbea, Felt, Specialized, Wilier. I can’t seem to find any Taiwan LBS with working websites.

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Hi Rafael,

    The last time I checked, the Defy Advanced 1 was $2,300. I can’t tell you what the TCR Alliance costs as I haven’t checked the price for that model, but yes, you can count at about the same rebate on those models. This rebate applies to the stores that are able to carry those brands. My Giant LBS carries pretty much anything from Colnago to DeRosa. I have to say that there are less Specialized and Felts there. There is a flagship Specialized store in Neihu.

    In order to find Giant LBS, you have to go through the Taiwanese Giant website. The one I recommend after having visited almost a dozen different Giant shops is the one on Wanhua Rd, in Banciao, near exit 5 of the Jiangzicui MRT station. They don’t have a website.

    As I’m sponsored by Velocite, you might want to try that brand as well. They’ve got a few frames available right now and they are cheaper plus Victor stocks Shimano parts and is always willing to deal. Check out their blog/site at


  5. Just to specify, rebates of 35% vs US MSRP are only on purchases higher than $3,000. Between $1,500 and $3,000, you’d be getting 25-30%. Anything lower, and you’ll get only about %15-20.

  6. Hi Range, great blog, thanks.

    I had a look to at the Giant Taiwan web site to look for a dealer… but it’s all in local language (no surprise really). Do you have a couple of URLs of local bike shops that you could post…I’m trying to get pricing on the 09 TCR Advanced SL 0. I’m going to be in Taiwan next week…not sure if the prices have come down as much as you anticipated.



  7. Hi Andy, all of the local shops have sites in Mandarin as well. The current MSRP of a ’10 Giant TCR Advanced SL 1 (SRAM Red) is about $5,000. This includes the 20% rebate that you are supposed to get pretty easily on purchases above 3,000. If they have an ’09 TCR Advanced available in your size (it would surprise me), I think that you’d get an extra 15% off the price of the bike. From my experience, this is what the prices are.

    All shops aren’t the same. Here is the shop that I recommend:
    No.344, Section 2, Wén Huà Rd, Banciao City 02-22531796

    Closed on Sundays and Mondays, open from 1PM to 10PM. Mention my name and you’ll probably get the prices I mentioned. Here is a link to a Google Map.

  8. Just a quick note, for the ’10 models, the TCR Advanced SL1 is the equivalent of the ’09 TCR Advanced SL0. The ’10 SL0 is the one with Di2.

  9. Hi Range,

    Yannick here,

    Thanks for yor post they are great. The Giant TCR Advanced SL is my dream bike.. but unfortunately out of my budget.

    Im interested in a TCR Advanced 1 or 2 depending on the prices. Do you have any idea how much these 2 model are?

    Thanks a lot for your please.

  10. Hi Yannick,

    Here are the prices that I could find for you. Be advised that there is no TCR Advanced 1 in Taiwan, only the TCR Advanced Rabobank and the TCR Advanced Giro. There is a TCR Advanced 2. Email me at djrange at gmail dot com to find out more.

    TCR Advanced Rabobank w Dura Ace 7900 $4,500
    TCR Advanced Giro w Ultegra 6700 $2,500
    TCR Advanced 2 w $2,300



  11. Hi Range,
    I was wondering if you can tell me the best price for the Giant TCR Adv SL 0 – 2010 Model with Shim Di2 and the Zipp 404’s or a Taiwan website I could look this info up, trying to find the best purchase price possible.
    Thanks Simon

  12. Hi Range,

    Would like to know how much for a Giant TCR Rabo with Shimano 105 groupset, shipped to Singapore. This is the most basic Rabo bike.


  13. Hey Range

    What is the price and proceduce to ship Giant TCR Advanced 3
    with shimano 105 groupset to singapore?

    would like to know the price of 2009 and 2010 model.

    thank you!


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