Day Off

S-Sun 7000 Candlepower LED light
S-Sun 7000 Candlepower LED light

Well, my day off didn’t really turn out the way I would have liked. I started out too late and didn’t manage to get a bike ride in. There was a bit of rain, but it was just that I started going about my business too late. At least I got some sleep.

I went to the bike shop today to pick up another LED light. I had a smaller model, so I picked up the S-Sun 7000 candlepower light. The smaller light is very bright, so I expected the bigger one to be even better. It was a bit expensive, but better safe than sorry, and I had too many close calls during my night rides to not get an extra light.

I wanted to hang around the shop to talk prices and deals with the owner, but he was too busy. I saw that the TIME RXR Ulteam had been sold to a member of the racing team of the shop. It was all fitted up with Campy Super Record 11, Bora wheels and excellent kit, including a TIME stem, TIME seatpost and TIME bottle cages. Bike was worth about $11K. Right next to it, there was an Orbea Orca mounted up in Dura Ace. The TIME bike was gorgeous. It was white with black decals. For some reason, the TIME bike made me feel a bit depressed. It was decked out in the top of the line components and it was a premium frame. It will take me a while to get something like this.

This is probably the reason why I stayed away from the shop for a few weeks. I went in to get the replaceable lens from my UVEX sunglasses replaced. It was scratched up in a funny way that didn’t look like scratches. It happened on Friday when I was a bit careless with them. Happily enough, they will order a replacement free of charge.

I need to get things sorted with my Kuota KOM frame. At least I’ll know where I’m at. I hope I get it at the right price. Then, I’ll just buy some cheap components and wheels, and I’ll be ready to go. Since the cost of the bike will be spread out over a few weeks, I may be able to get a used set of SRAM Red. It all depends. Ideally, I’d like those and Fulcrum Racing Zeros. Instead of getting new kit, I’m getting used kit.

I told the shop owner that I had done a lot of research on the Wilier Cento frame, and that it had shifting issues due to the internal cable routing. I also asked him about the Pinarello Prince. He confirmed that it was made in Taiwan. When I mentioned the new Dogma, he said that he had ordered one for the shop. If I needed one, he could get one easily. He was surprised that I knew about these things. I told him that I’d be back when he was less busy to talk prices.

Whatever happens, I’ll have them assemble my bike, even if I don’t buy much from them. Still, if the Pinarello Prince or Dogma frame is cheap in Taiwan, I might get it next year.

I had a good talk with Chad at the dog park. We talked bikes and video games. I didn’t know that he gamed. He’s also got an Xbox 360. That relaxed me. The end of the evening has been frustrating. It took me about 2 hours to write my final post because it had to be re-written three times. I had to start once I had completed it because another writer had already covered the subject. Then a second time because of the same reason. For the third time, I made damn sure that no one had covered the subject.

I wasn’t too miffed at not going out on a ride because my back was still a bit sore. At least I’m not working the whole day tomorrow, only morning and afternoon. That means that I will be able to go out on a bike ride.

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