Green Ideas: Invisible and Efficient Solar Roof Tiles

081809_rg_solarroof_01.jpgOne of the reasons why not a lot of new homes come fitted with solar panels is that they tend to ruin the aesthetics of a house. Sure, they get some power from the sun, but new houses need to look really good so that they can be sold, especially in this economy. Luckily, an American company has come up with solar roof tiles that can blend with normal tiles, leaving the look of the house intact.

081809_rg_solarroof_02.jpgThese aren’t the first solar roof tiles that we’ve seen, but they certainly promise to update the concept. These Solé Power Tiles are made by SRS Energy. The tiles don’t lie flat, they are the same shape as normal roof tiles. They are made right into the tiles. This unique design allows the solar panels to blend right into the roof. The tiles themselves are made out of a lightweight recyclable material that is molded together with a flexible panel. The tiles can be networked together to leverage the power of the sun.

081809_rg_solarroof_03.jpgSince the tiles don’t lie flat, there isn’t a danger of overheating. They are designed to work together and create an airflow to cool the whole roof down. Seems like a very interesting option if you are considering on getting solar panels for you home. It’s really amazing that they fit seamlessly with normal roof tiles.



[via Designboom]

Lumeta Solar Roof Tiles

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