Big Brother UK S10E86 (Channel 4)

Bea is going on about Charlie spitting in her face. She says that she is really offended. It’s all about Bea. They make up.

Bea doesn’t know about Stevie Wonder nor Lenny Kravitz. Lisa tells Charlie to be careful not to go too far. The HM start receiving video messages from home. one by one they are called to the task room. Lisa gets a message from her twin aunts. Charlie gets a message from his father.

Bea got a message from a friend, not her family. She starts moaning about it. She’s a terrible moaner. She starts to cry. I hope that her parents are ashamed of her. David’s message is from an aunt and a friend. Bea is crying and trying to get into the diary room. Marcus tries to make her feel better, which is surprising. Charlie tells Lisa and David that some people are never happy.

Bea’s mom didn’t want to leave a message because she didn’t want to appear on TV.

David has lent his sunglasses to Bea. It’s annoying him and Lisa. Lisa says that it’s all about Bea all of the time. Lisa says that Bea is spoiled.

Marcus and Siavash are with Bea in the bedroom. It’s funny how now Bea is really close with Marcus and Siavash again. It’s sad how much Bea is obsessed about herself. She’s a very selfish person. Now she’s worried about how her mom will react when she sees this.

Marcus gets a message from Helen, his friend. Roddy gets a message from his so-called UK parents. Siavash receives a message from his mom and his cousin. Siavash is speechless. He says that he didn’t hear anything what they said. He was really shocked. Sophie gets a message from her mum and her best friend. She gets a second message from Kris.

Later, Bea is going on about the fact that she didn’t get a message from her family. Charlie and Roddy are laughing at Bea and the person who recorded her message. They laugh about how Bea is reacting. She keeps naming other people who would have been better to record a message. She’s über selfish.

Charlie tells Bea that she had to go to the diary room to find out who the girl was. Roddy can’t stop laughing. Sophie is smiling. Siavash has trouble not laughing as well. Bea is going on about things once again. Sophie is laughing as well. Marcus is smiling. Laughter is contagious. It’s funny that they are taking the piss out of Bea. Roddy says that it’s funny because Bea is making a big drama about it. Roddy is laughing some more. Lisa is also laughing. Sophie joins in. Charlie says that they shouldn’t give anything to Bea as a surprise. She doesn’t like surprises. The HM are laughing hysterically.

Bea can’t let it go. She tells Roddy that she is upset. Roddy says that they are partying and drinking. She should just let it go. She goes to the diary room again. She starts crying and saying that it has been a hard day. She says that the next time that Roddy is being melodramatic, she will laugh her ass off.

Lisa tells Sophie that Bea is a selfish git. Lisa, David and Sophie are talking about Kris. Bea, Marcus and Roddy are in the garden. Bea is crying again. They ask her to come into the pool. Roddy apologizes. He tries to explain. Bea goes on about things once again. She is getting frustrated and starts to swear. Roddy says that he is sorry, but it is funny. Lisa and David arrive. Bea naturally blames Roddy. She calls Roddy a 3-year old. They start arguing. David mutters that Roddy can’t resist. Roddy kind of giggles and swims back towards Marcus. Lisa, David and Bea leave. Marcus and Roddy laugh it off. It’s kind of funny. It’s actually really funny.

Bea, Charlie and Marcus are in the living room. She says that she is going home tomorrow. Everyone is going to nominate her. Roddy is going to bitch about her. He comes out and apologizes again. Marcus tells Roddy and Charlie that Bea just wants their attention. Charlie goes with Bea to smoke.

* * * * *

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