Big Brother UK S10E87 (Channel 4)

With Siavash and Sophie refusing to nominate, BB has come up with an interesting way of deciding how they nominated. Bea tells Lisa that she is going home. It’s a numbers game and she will be nominated. Bea walks away. Marcus asks Lisa if she will vote for Bea. Bea has come to the diary room to moan. BB tells Bea that BB is in contact with the HM’s family and Bea’s mom told BB that she is very proud of her. She is now worried how her mom will feel when she sees her all upset. If it’s not one thing, it’s another with that bitch.

Bea tries to influence the nominations by talking with Roddy. Charlie and Sophie are listening in. Siavash is in the sitting room wondering what to do with the noms. Bea leaves and schmoozes up to Marcus. Marcus agrees with her that she will be nominated, but that doesn’t mean that she will leave. She wants to know where Siavash is to influence him. She leaves. She tells Siavash that she might not nominate.

She tells Lisa that she will nominate, but she doesn’t want to. She is called to nominate. Siavash tells Marcus that he won’t nominate. He is annoyed how people are going against Bea this week. She is the same person as she first came in.

David asks Bea if she nominated him. She lies and says no.

Lisa tells David that he’s camp. He can never be masculine. She imitates him well. Marcus and Bea are talking about David. She nominated him and lied to him. Marcus tells her that he nominated her and David. He tells her about the guilt trip.

Siavash comes to the diary room and says that he won’t nominate. He is told that there will be consequences. He’s being an idiot. Nominations is the only way that HM can influence the game. BB tells him that he will nominate. BB will inform him whom he nominated later on. Siavash is unaware that he will nominate the first two HM he comes into physical contact with. He comes to see Bea. He wants to get a smoke. Siavash says that something really bad will happen. He thinks that he will be kicked out of the house. Bea touches him. She will be his 1st nomination. Sophie touches Siavash’s leg, so he’s nominated her as well. Siavash is told that he nominated Bea and Sophie. He isn’t told why exactly. Charlie, David and Lisa don’t understand why Siavash is making such a big deal. David says that it’s selfish.

Siavash tells Sophie, Roddy and Bea that he nominated them. BB chose for him. Marcus is there as well. Sophie comes to the diary room and says that she won’t nominate. She is unaware that the first two HM she names are going to be nominated. She says Roddy’s name, so he is her 1st nomination. She then says Bea’s name. Bea is her 2nd nomination.


Bea                  David              Roddy             “He’s insensitive”
Charlie           Marcus           Siavash
David              Marcus           Siavash
Lisa                 Marcus           Bea
Marcus          David              Bea                  “She was trying to guilt-trip me.”
Roddy            David              Bea
Siavash          Sophie            Bea                  He didn’t nominate
Sophie           Roddy             Bea                  “I don’t want to nominate.”

This week, Bea, David and Marcus have all been nominated. Sophie is informed that she nominated Sophie and Bea. She comes out and tells the HM what happened. The HM are in the bedroom. Charlie thinks that BB will explain things. Siavash says that they will just inform them.

David gets pissed off Siavash that he didn’t nominate. Roddy gets riled up and starts shouting at Siavash. Why the double standard for Siavash and Dogface? Neither Roddy nor David say anything to her about it. They continue talking about this.

Charlie is pissed off at Siavash. Lisa and David are in the garden talking about Siavash. David is still pissed off at Siavash. Bea joins in. David says that they want everyone to go up. Bea says that she nominated because she didn’t want to incur any punishment for the group.

Marcus shows off his wanking kit to Roddy. After Roddy goes to bed, he goes for his “graveyard shift” to wank. Roddy tells the HM. Sophie, Siavash and Roddy decide to scare him. They don’t. They open the door and find him in a funny position with his pants open.

* * * * *

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