Big Brother UK S10E88 (Channel 4)

For this week’s shopping task, the BBUK house has been transformed into a house of horrors. The HM have to decide what they are going to be disguised as. BB provided HM with costumes and makeup. There are gravestones in the garden. Throughout the task, a whistle will sound. Upon the sound of the whistle, all HM must become zombies. A toy ghost train comes into the house at the sound of the whistle.

Roddy, Siavash and Sophie are in the living room. Sophie and Roddy are vamps. BB has called Marcus to the diary room. He’s the headless horseman. He’s winging about his costume.

Charlie and Bea have been paired up for the task. They must go to the task room and perform surgery. Bea will receive some shocks. Charlie must remove some fake organs. Each time he touches the edges of the wire mesh, Bea will be shocked. The HM try to tell Bea that it will be fine. She doesn’t look pleased. Charlie tells Bea that she needs to relax. If she tenses up, it will hurt more. Bea starts getting shocks. It’s funny. Even after Charlie gets the required 8 out, he continues so that Bea gets more shocks. Just to make sure it works, Charlie shocks her a few more times for good measure.

BB has gathered the HM to reveal this week’s noms. Bea, David and Marcus have been nominated by their fellow HM. David figures out that Bea nominated him. She says that she isn’t talking about it. Marcus says that he must have gotten more than 3 noms. David is getting bitchy. She makes a weak effort to defend herself. David makes a big deal out of it. Roddy tells David that he needs to chill. Bea and Marcus aren’t going around asking who nominated them. David says that he doesn’t give a shit. He repeats it a few times.

Charlie, Lisa, Sophie, and David are in the garden. He’s annoyed that Bea nominated him. She said that she didn’t vote for him.

Bea turns it around and makes it all about her. She thinks that David was just being nice to him so that she didn’t nominate him. She’s going into the diary room. Bea tries to justify her lies. She says that his reaction makes her think that she voted for the right HM.

Roddy asks Sophie if they can live together after the house. Bea is going on about things once again to Marcus. He says that if she has already tried her hardest, she shouldn’t bang her head against a brick wall. If she hasn’t, she should try more.

David has come to the diary room. He says that he can’t trust Bea. She’s clever and manipulative.

Sophie is talking to Charlie and Roddy about eviction night. She reckons that she should get proper drunk.

Bea wants to have a chat with David. She tells him that she lied. She tells him about his comment about big boobs. This is why she nominated him. David shoots it down and they aren’t friends anymore. He walks off. He doesn’t want to listen to her and tells her to f**k off. Moments later, she tries to justify her nominations to Lisa and some other HM. Lisa tells her that her reasons are shitty and she knew that they were shit. She’s fake. Bea continues to talk loudly about her noms. David tells her that she does one thing and does another. Bea tries to make this about Lisa, Lisa doesn’t get involved. David calls her pathetic again. Siavash walks away. Lisa says that David has stuck up for her. He’s the only one who’s bothered with Bea this week. Bea tells him that he’s talking BS. David tells her that she is talking shit. It’s great to see. I like how Lisa and David gang up on her and Charlie is just watching. Bea thinks that Lisa nominated her. Lisa says she did so. Lisa says that she nominated her because it is always about her. She’s a selfish bitch. David is glad that he knows the real Bea. Bea says that she was going to nominate Lisa, but she changed her mind. Lisa says that she did want to nominate her. . David says that she is talking shit. When she will cry the next time, David will laugh in her face. David and Lisa walk away. Lisa mentioned that Bea was selfish.

Siavash tells Marcus that they are both in the wrong. He’s talking about Bea and David. Siavash says that it makes him sad. Marcus says that he couldn’t give a shit.

A few minutes later, Bea and Lisa are talking about David. Lisa can’t believe she nominated him. He was always defending her, even when other HM were going against her. The howl sounds. Lisa and Siavash need to transform into werewolves and howl.

Lisa and David are in the garden talking about Bea. David says that it’s about morals. Lisa says that she’s glad that he defended himself.

Bea asks Charlie if he thinks that she is going to go. He doesn’t know. She doesn’t want to go.

Sophie and Roddy are in the diary room. Roddy is talking about his laugh. It’s a scary laugh. He asks Sophie to make him laugh. She does and he laughs. It’s very loud and obnoxious. Roddy laughs about Sophie’s laugh. It’s funny.

* * * * *

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