Big Brother UK S10E89 (Channel 4)

Marcus is called to the diary room. BB asks him how his relationships with the HM have changed. He thinks that Siavash is playing a game.

Eat like a pig, look like a cow.
Roddy to Sophie

Bea is still going on about David being upset that she nominated him. Charlie is pissed off because some of the HM are keeping the mayo and BBQ sauce in the cupboard. He writes a note on the fridge. He is called to the diary room. He is told to wipe it off immediately.

Bea comes out and asks if anyone wants any chicken nuggets. Charlie had already 5 the night before. Bea, Sophie and others already had theirs. Lisa comes in and says that she wants some. Bea says that she isn’t going to have any and asks someone to cook instead. Lisa tells her that HM cook for others all the time. Since she’s started, she should continue.

BB has called David to the task room. There are four mommies dressed up as mummies. He has to identify Marcus’ mommy. The HM hear some of the things that BB is telling to David. BB starts playing crowd music into the house. Siavash tells the HM that he heard BB mention mummies or mommies. He doesn’t identify her correctly. He has failed his part of the task. Marcus finds it funny that his mommy came to the BBUK house. David realizes that he picked the wrong mommy.

All HM are told to gather. The HM have passed this week’s shopping task. Later, Bea and David hear “Get David kicked out!” from the garden. The crowd music started playing. Charlie comes out and tells Bea, David and Roddy that they need to come inside. They take the time to smoke and drink before heading inside.

Siavash tells Roddy that if he was watching BB and he saw him on TV, he would go on the internet and use photos of Roddy to touch himself. Roddy and Sophie burst out laughing. It’s pretty funny. Sophie asks what if she was on there. Siavash says that he’d be going a lot faster than slower.

Once again, Bea can’t let go about her faux pas. Earlier, she blurted out that what she heard. She gets into another argument with David. David tells her to stop going on about it. He doesn’t care. David thinks that Bea is trying to make Dave feel like shit and it’s not going to work.

David leaves. Lisa goes to see him in the kitchen. Lisa tells him to ignore her. David is now getting upset and worked up. He says that he’s going to tell her off and not let her get away with it.

Bea comes in to see Charlie, Siavash and Sophie. She says that David had a proper go at him. 20 minutes later, Bea is still going on about the same thing with Lisa. David comes in. He tells her to drop it. He doesn’t it appreciate it. He repeats that she should drop it. He tells her that she stomped on his heart last week because she nominated him. He’s sensitive about that. Bea goes on. David tells her to drop it and stop talking.

David comes out and says that he’s had enough of her. She’s just a spoilt bitch.

Siavash, Bea and Sophie are in the garden. Bea continues to go on about the same thing. Siavash tells her to drop it. Bea thinks that she is going home. She asks their opinion. They both say that she is safe. Siavash says that she’s a bit more likely of being evicted. He says that it’s 40-60. Sophie says that she would vote out David. Sophie promises that she won’t vote for Bea. Siavash says that he can’t promise anything. Bea tries to get Roddy to promise, but he doesn’t.

Sophie is making sausages. She’s making 4 and sharing them with Siavash.

Roddy is in the diary room. He’s talking about Bea and David. They aren’t getting on.

Bea talks with Marcus. She asks him if she is going home. Marcus says that David made her look bad. Bea is arguing with him trying to justify her opinion. He tells her that she needs to let other people have the last word. She wants him to tell her that she isn’t going to go, but he doesn’t oblige.

Fatty Sophie is pigging out on sausages all by herself. She isn’t sharing with anyone. She’s is drunk and stumbles around in the bedroom. Rodddy is laughing at her .She’s on the floor. She says that she feels fat. She says that she doesn’t feel happy, but she’s laughing. It takes both Siavash and Roddy to dump her in her bed.

She’s having 4. Bea asks Marcus if he can give her some lager. He says no. She says that she will give him a BJ on the outside. Marcus says that he’ll keep the lager and get BJs for free. Bea wonders what he would do if she just nicked them from him. He says that he would piss on her head while she was sleeping. She is confident that he won’t be doing that because he would get kicked out.

Dave tells Lisa that he will miss her when he leaves. He says that he’s never met a woman like her before. She’s very strong and she is not a coward. What you see is what you get.

* * * * *

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