Big Brother UK S10E90-91 (Channel 4)

Bea checks out Lisa’s holes. David is in the diary room talking about Bea. He says that it’s hard because she doesn’t let things go, especially when she has had a drink.

Marcus is doing the shopping list with the other HM. Roddy is being difficult. Marcus tells Roddy to shut up. He’s a camp gay queen and freaks out. His swearing is pretty funny. Lisa, Charlie and Marcus start laughing. Roddy isn’t happy. Charlie takes the board away.

Charlie goes to the diary room. He is given some magazines. Later today, the HM will be creating their own magazine. BB gave these to him for inspiration. David finds an article on Bea and the other HM. One article calls Bea Bonkers. There is an article on Siavash’s secret girlfriend. There are before and after photos of Sophie. They think that she is preggers. Kris is worried that she is preggers. They had sex in the BBUK house. Sophie denies this. She commiserates with Siavash. He is concerned about his secret girlfriend.

Charlie is upset that Bex from last year wants him to go. She wrote a column with Luke about Charlie. He complains in the diary room. Bea has naturally come to the diary room. She’s upset that the gossip rags call her Bonkers Bea.

Sophie and Roddy are scuffling down some chocolates again. Marcus tells her that she’s eating for two. Sophie tries to tell them that she’s lost weight. Roddy says no, she’s definitely put on weight.

Lisa tells David that she could put a lot of stuff in the gossip column. She is the writer of the column. Roddy interviews David. The HM get a launch party for completing the magazine.

Sophie keeps repeating that she is single. She won’t go out with Kris because of what she read in the gossip rags.

Eviction Interview S10E91

Bea is evicted. What a surprise! She got 88.2% of the public vote! She is universally booed by the crowd. No cheers at all! I hope she cries. Davina says that the boos are deafening.

Bea doesn’t know why she was booed as much as she was. She isn’t crying. Davina is joined by Ulrika Johnson and psychologist Emma Kennedy. Ulrika says that Bea is duplicitous and manipulative. Emma says that she’s behaving unilaterally mean way. She is shown footage of her bitchy ways. She is shown footage of her being extremely mean to Freddie. All Bea does is laugh about it. Bea says that she was just being honest. Davina says that this isn’t an excuse. Ulrika says that she twisted things around to her own advantage. She also made everything about her.

Davina tells her that she was horrible to Freddie. She is told that David really liked her and he was honest. One of the things that Bea craves attention. She also isn’t really crying for real. She was just pretending. She had no tears. She was also very eloquent when she was pretend crying and that couldn’t happen if she was really upset. When people are overcome with enough emotions to make them cry, they can’t be eloquent.

* * * * *

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