Kuota KOM vs Kredo Ultra

The Kuota KOM has two fundamental differences from the Kuota Kredo Ultra road bike. First, it features external cable routing, therefore not as aerodynamic. However this eliminated the need for eyelets for internal routing and saves weight while preserving the integrity of the frame. Second, the KOM does not have an integrated seat mast. This save additional frame weight. These two differences mean although the Kuota Kredo is the best all around bike the Kuota KOM is going to outperform the Kuota Kredo in the mountains or other areas where weight is the key factor.


A M-sized Kuota KOM frame weighs 900 gr, while an S weighs 870 gr. An M-sized Kuota Kredo Ultra weighs 1130 g. Unlike the KOM, the Kredo features an ISP and internal cable routing. It’s a bit more aero than the KOM. As for their comfort, stiffness and rigidity, I surmise, without having tried them out, that the KOM is stiffer while the Kredo makes for a more comfortable ride. The KOM was used by Team Agritubel in the Tour de France this year.

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