Grocery Shopping

Went for a quick stop at the grocery shop with the wife, which is rare. We usually shop separately, when we come home from work. On our way back, we saw a scooter accident. Some woman was lying on the ground, people were around calling an ambulance. She wasn’t wearing much protection.

We wanted to get some food from the Thai-Vietnamese place, but it was closed.

A Kingly De Rosan Afternoon

De Rosa King 3
De Rosa King 3

I went by the bike shop today to meet up with someone selling his Giant ’07 OCR C1. It had few miles on it and it was a size L. Edward from the Giant shop inspected it for me and told me that it was worth $1,200, no more. That confirmed what I had thought. My guess was that it wasn’t worth more than $1,000. Sure it hadn’t been ridden much, but the new equivalent bikes from Giant were going for the same price that he wanted for his 3-year old bike.

Anyway, this was beside the point, since when I tried it out, it felt too big. I usually ride M sized frames. This was an L. It was too big. I told him that for the price that he wanted for his old bike, I could snag up a top-of-the-line ’09 Kuota KOM frame with about 1,000 km on it and fit it out with crap components which I could upgrade over time.

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2010 Giant Road Bicycles Redux

10 Giant TCR Advanced SL 2 with Dura Ace 7900
'10 Giant TCR Advanced SL 2 with Dura Ace 7900

The news is in for the ’10 model year for road bikes from Taiwanese bicycling manufacturer Giant. There are significant rebates to be had if you buy these directly in Taiwan. This is even more valid for the top end specced TCR Advanced SL 1 and SL2¹, which will have lower prices than last year. All in all, there aren’t too many changes. Apparently Giant operates on a three-year product cycle, so there should be new frames in 2011. Giant will feature new components, new paint jobs and higher specs for some models.

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Strained by Katrina

A 13,000 word article on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina at the Memorial hospital, where patients were euthanized when it was deemed that they were too ill to be evacuated.

Those were incredibly difficult decisions, decisions which I deem wrong. Then again, I’m not in health care and I wasn’t there. It’s illegal to euthanize. Health care professionals have to work within the framework of the laws. They cannot make up their own when faced with an emergency situation. The fact that Pou and other doctors made life or death decisions daily might have compromised and biased their judgment on that fateful day.

Bowlingual: The Two Way Dog Translator

082809_rg_bowlingual_01.jpgAs dog owners ourselves, we tend to do pretty much anything to make our beloved pet feel great. Depending on what breed you have, dogs can be quite expressive. Sure, they can’t speak, but they can express what’s going in their little minds. What would you say to a machine that could record and translate your dog’s barks while you were away?

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Thai Vietnamese Stand

Chad told me that there was a really good food stand near my house. They serve Thai-Vietnamese food. The only trouble is finding out when it’s open. As usual, stands tend to have strange schedules.

The sisters who operated the stand/restaurant told me that they are open every day, from 3PM to 10PM. I’d come by two days in a row to find their stand all boarded up. It was 3:40PM when I arrived and they weren’t set up yet. They told me that I’d have to wait 20 minutes. I thought about this for a few seconds. I’d been trying to get food from them for this whole week. I also had a good book in my backpack, so I just pulled it out and read. The girls made me a complimentary French bun, kind of Vietnamese, filled with spicy meat and veggies for waiting so long. I was at the stand for about 40 minutes. It was delicious. It hovered on the verge of being too spicy, but wasn’t spicy enough to make me stop eating it. I told them that it was great.

I ordered a chicken/papaya salad. It turns out that they made me a chicken/papaya salad and a papaya salad. These salads are typically Thai. They don’t use ripe papayas, but green ones. I didn’t really mind. It was once again excellent food. In fact, I’m going to go back there tomorrow and the day after until I get tired of it. It’s just so tasty. And the spicyness. The spicyness of the salad was exquisite. It was dosed in finely cut red chilies. You never knew what you were going to get and when you got some, they were spicy, but not too spicy.

I ate the salad in two sittings. It would have been too much for just one meal. I’m pretty happy to have this nice eatery a few minutes away from home. Obviously, there are other places, but they tend to be noodle and BBQ stands.

Update: I know remember why I don’t eat that many spicy foods. They hurt on the way out. Still, it was pretty good. I went back for some French buns filled with meat and veggies today. I have been told that this is Vietnamese, not Thai.

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