Month: September 2009

  • Heat Wave By Richard Castle

    If you like Castle, the ABC show with Nathan Fillion and delicious Stana Katic, then head on over to the official site of the show. You’ll find Richard Castle’s novel Heat Wave, featuring Nikki Heat, the character based on Stana Katic’s character Beckett. A new chapter is posted each week.

  • How to Build Your Own DIY Word Clock

    There is something incredibly beautiful about the QLOCKTWO, but we just can’t justify spending over $1,500 to get a simple clock, even if it is a piece of art. Luckily DIY-enthusiasts have been working hard on a homemade version of such a word clock. Read More…

  • New Green ESL Bulbs Will Be As Efficient As CFLs and LEDs

    In the race to finding the greenest way to illuminate our nights, a new company has come up with a new refinement of old technology to serve our needs. Will it be enough to save you even more money? Find out after the jump. Read More…

  • Great-Looking Illuminated Speaker and USB Hub

    When you work with your laptop, you tend to use a few USB hubs when you are on the go. It doesn’t really matter from what brand they are, as long as they work well. It’s also best to work with some kind of light while you are typing on your computer. When you are…

  • Incredible Piet Indoor Stove Will Enable New Layouts

    Above all, this object is really beautiful. It’s hard to tell what it is, but once the clean-burning ethanol fire is lit, you get the idea. This is basically a reinvented fireplace. Since it uses ethanol, there is no point in having a chimney. Read Full Post

  • Faustine Poe by B. Romain

  • Empathy and Yawn Contagion

    Primatologist Frans de Waal gives his opinion on empathy, and the lack of it. (via 3qd)

  • UCI to Phase Out Radios

    The UCI has taken the decision to phase out radios in the coming seasons. I think that it’s a good idea. The race will be less controlled by the racing directors and more by the cyclists. Sure, teams are going to be annoyed, but if some basic precautions are taken, it should be really interesting.…

  • Polanski Arrested In Switzerland

    After having been on the run for 32 years, Roman Polanski was arrested in Switzerland. He plead guilty in 1977 for having sex with a minor, a 13-year old girl, whom he didn’t rape. The director has been living in France. He’s been a fugitive since 1978. However, even his victim has been saying that…

  • 6.6 Km Night Run

    Tonight, I decided to go for another run. I was a bit sore from yesterday’s run, but I need to train, so I told my wife that I was going out. She said that she would join me. I was surprised, but liked having company. We took the same riverside route. It was along the…