OEM Taiwanese Carbon Fiber Bike Companies

Sweet looking aero frame by Tank Cycles, called the Matrix F-35

Other than looking really nice, the Matrix F-35 is one interesting looking bike. I don’t know anything about the manufacturer, but I might visit the factory and check out this bike.

I’ve spent a bit of time researching Taiwanese OEM bike companies in order to find a great deal. I’ve actually found a 860 gr frame from Neo Cycles that would be a great training bike. It costs about $1,300 and is designed by the same people who made the Fascenario for Storck. It improves on that model with a thicker downtube for more stiffness and stability. The Fascenario 0.7 is a top-end bike. Pinarellos were also made there. Unlike most OEM bike frames, it’s BB30 and the owner of the “brand” will give me other deals on second-hand parts, like Fulcrum Racing Zeros and an ’08 Campagnolo Record 10 speed gruppo. He told me that his frame works better with 10 speeds than 11. The second-hand Record is cheaper than a new or second-hand SRAM Red gruppo, which is the one that I’d want to get. Unless I find a better deal on components in the second-hand market, I’ll just get Record. I’ll wait about a week before ordering it. This frame hasn’t been reviewed by others yet, but the lower-end frame, the Neo Exile, has been. It’s received great comments from bike riders. I’m also getting a bunch of stuff extra for almost nothing, which is really cool.

I want to get this frame in raw carbon fiber with a clear coat. The decals will be black, so they won’t show. It makes this a kind of stealth frame, which is what I want. I don’t want anything flashy. Good carbon fiber frames can be had new in Taiwan for about $700.

The new Pinarello Dogma frame costs about $4.500 here. That’s not a bad deal since it’s made here, exported to Italy, then re-imported for sale. The Prince will come down in price. I expect it to cost about $3,000-3,500. I still have to confirm that, but that would be a sweet racing bike to get. It’s between those two models and a TIME RXR Ulteam, which is a bit cheaper than the Dogma and about the same price as the Prince at $3,400. I wonder if I’ll be able to get that bike before Christmas. The main difference is that the TIME is a lugged CF frame while the Prince and Dogma are monocoque CF frames. I prefer monocoques, but the TIME really interests me.

Here is part of my research including links and comments on some OEM bike companies.

Pedal Force
Made in the same factory as Look (used to be made?) and Kestrels, some of their models are re-badged Axman’s. Their factory is in China. BTW, Look frames are made in Tunisia.

I strongly suspect that the Axman frames are re-badged BH frames. A quick note that Axman is just an assembler, so their frames will be fetch a higher price that buying direct from the factory. Made in China.

Neo Cycles
An interesting bike company whose bikes are made in the same factory as Storcks. It turns out that Carbotec actually designed the Fascenario. They are behind the Neo Exile and Exile Ultimate. The weave and carbon fiber is the same that’s used in the Fascenarios. The Ultimate is a BB30 frame that weighs 860gr and costs $1,300. This includes a fork and headset. Good deals on extra components thanks to Patrick Wu. While it’s important to mention that the same factory can make drastically different frames.

Marudean trading company brand that also makes Edge branded products. They have no relation at all to Edge Composites in the USA. They are connected to several European brands.

Makes a cheap scandium frame that some bikers use as a training bike. Sells for about $800. Bike racers like to use them because their are quite resistant to damage. Racers like to use scandium or titanium frames as training bikes because of that reason.

Made by the same people who make Wiliers and Fondriests. Frames and products come from several factories in China and Taiwan.

Backed with a lifetime guarantee, I think that these are Orbeas, with improvements. They are also quite lighter, sub-900 gr. The 890SL weighs 800 gr but it has been discontinued due to problems with the frame. Ditec is actually a Spanish company that designs and engineers frames. They are made and finished in Taiwan, which is why they can be had here cheaply. The Ditec designs are original and they are not a Taiwanese brand. They are quite popular Spanish brand with little market presence outside of Spain. While someone mentioned that they aren’t Orbeas, I am still unsure of this statement, as these frames cannot be shipped to Spain or Portugal, which leads me to believe that they are connected to Orbea. Maybe not.

I haven’t yet figured out for which companies they make components and bikes, but they made a sweet looking aero frame that weighs 990gr¹.

I don’t know much, but these frames are pretty easy to buy online. They make a carbon and titanium frame which sells for $1,400 and an ISP carbon fiber frame for $1,000. The Millennium has a carbon fiber fork and a full titanium frame weighs 1.25 kgs and should be a great training frame. The owner of the brand informed me that the Millennium is made more for long distance riding than training, though I kind of think that training involves long distances!


Update: Post has been updated with new information.

[¹] It’s pictured above. It’s strange how good this looks. Usually, OEM frames are not nicely painted. The paint jobs actually suck, which is why most people just go for no decals and raw carbon fiber with a clear coat.

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  1. Great blog!

    I’m interested in purchasing a carbon fiber race bike – how would you suggest I go about getting one through Taiwan, Or other location with similar savings?

    Thank you

  2. Good job Rage, some corrections and more information are here:

    Pedal Force: places Pedal Force stickers on frames and products from two factories in China, and Axman’s OEM factory also in China

    Neo-Cycles: not correct. Read reviews on Bike Forums. Also, origin of the frames does not mean much. Any factory can make a super high end frame as well as a low end frame. You just need to specify the type of material you want and the manufacturing process. So, the same factory can make high and low end frames of corresponding quality and performance. This does not mean that Neo frames are bad, just do not read too much into the eBay nonsense of “made in the same factory as….” as this is meaningless, and misleading.

    Figmo: Marudean trading company brand that also makes Edge branded products. They have no relation at all to Edge Composites in the USA. They are connected to several European brands

    Teneo: newcomer, frames and products come from several factories in China and Taiwan

    Ditec: not Orbeas. The Ditec designs are original and they are not a Taiwanese brand. They are quite popular Spanish brand with little market presence outside of Spain.

    Tank/Matrix: some original and shared designs with RTS. Product quality and support is generally good.

    Velocite: New company with products that look interesting. USA based with main operations in Taiwan. As far as I know they do not make a carbon/titanium frame. The Millennium is a full titanium frame.

  3. I forgot to add to my previous comment,

    Cervelo is made in China by Tentec. Cervelo are good about not hiding where they are made. Their shipping boxes even have “Made in China” written on them in large font.

    In my opinion, all companies should be upfront like that. The European brands are the worst offenders.

    One of these offenders, Pinarello, is made in Taiwan – no the factory that makes them does not make Storck.

    1. The frames of Pinarelo are made by Carbotec in China, the have paid for a new mold based onto the Carbotec FCM10 model only the back is changed onto it, all the rest is the same as the Carbotec FCM10 model.

      Factory price for that model without the prince rear stay is 200USD

  4. Get your facts straight, Storck Fascenario 0.7 is made from the beginning to end in the Stork factory in Germany (I was there and watched them build one from scratch)

  5. I don’t know about that. All I know is what I heard from one insider in China, who told me that the Fascenario was made there.

    This sounds to me like those Pinarello enthusiasts, who continue to believe that the frame is made in Italy. It’s made in Taiwan and finished in Italy.

  6. Pedal force use frames from anyone that has something interesting. have had ADK in past and looks like GM are favourites at the moment.

    Pinas are made in China and painted in Taiwan. Finished in Italy must mean taken from the shipping container and put into a box with a manual because they leave the painters fully done (I’ve watched Princes getting painted). Low end looks (566, 576 and previously 555) made in Taiwan and high end in Tunisia.

    Tentech is probably the premier factory at the moment (Cervelo, Scott, Trek) and not taking more clients last I asked.

  7. Hi, thanks for that info. That’s pretty specific information on where these frames are made. Finished in Taiwan? Cool. Maybe there is a way of getting them cheaper…

  8. I know most of this manufacturers, they are great to do business with plus they guarantee their products for two years. As a bike developer(because i don;t manufacture) I have learn that it is a matter od marketing, people pay for what they see on magazinez and Tv as well as what pro riders use and not by product quality. I tell my clients not to pay attention to that, that they can make the transfer from alloy without spending a lot of money and still have a frame with same quality and guarantee. Great post, i ‘m loking foward to get a review on my brand.
    G Francisco
    Montecci Bikes CEO

  9. Hi Gustavo!
    I have to agree. There is a lot of emphasis put on carbon fiber frames, but I don’t believe that they are the ultimate in all types of biking. There are a lot of carbon fiber frames that break.

    That being said, I do like carbon fiber because it’s stiff and light. I’d be happy to review your bikes. Contact me via email at djrange[at]gmail[dot]com.

  10. hi everyone!
    pretty discussion that is happening here 🙂 i’m trying to start my own brand here in portugal and i’m conecting with some people in china to provide me that kind of frames and components. so far i have only made some sample order in order to test the products and see if they are trusted. for now i cannot say more abou that but if everything goes nice i will start my own brand, because i think that what is payed from a top end bike is quite absurd when they seem to be also made in same factories or opponents of them. even if they are superior, the price paid isn’t from this planet, with the money that costs a top end scott frame, or other top end brands piranello we buy 2 complete bikes from this supliers, also with sram, shimano or campagnolo groupsets. that’s all for now, i’ll be in touch again when i have more news about the quality of this oem brands 🙂
    best regards

    1. Hello, Bruno. I am looking to buy Scott Spark RC or Scott Spark 10 bike. It can be a bike with a different brand name ( good quality copy). May be you could help me to find such a product? Thank you, Sergei

      1. Check your emails, Sergei. I don’t deal in knockoffs, but the Taiwanese Pinarello Prince and Gryphon are exceptional alternatives.

  11. Hi John, no I haven’t. I’ve actually been too busy with grad school, but I’ll send out some feelers to see if anyone knows something.

  12. @Av BEV is a trading company, not a manufacturer.

    Many trading companies like to call themselves “manufacturers”, but they are not. Or they may be stretching the meaning of the term since they indeed order the manufacture of their stickers, but the implications is that they make the physical product that the sticker is applied to.

    This is of course unfortunately not only limited to Taiwanese companies.


  13. Hi Anon,
    Good info. That’s totally true. I prefer staying with real manufacturers and small ones, not OEM ones. You never know what you are going to get.

  14. Hello,
    I have been quoted the following from a source in China
    for the following frame/fork/2 seat tubes.

    $1250 USD

    2010 Colnago Flight TT/Triathlon Frameset

    Size – small
    Color – Blk/Wht

    I would appreciate any feedback you can provide as I am a bit skeptical, having never ordered from Asia directly.

    Thank you.

  15. Hi Alex, these are fakes from non-reputable sources. You can easily find all sorts of fakes from China, from Pinarellos to Colnagos.

    The Flight frameset sells for about $3,000-$4,000 USD. I can get it for you, but I get it from an official Colnago distributor. Email me at asteriskcycles@gmail.com if you’re interested in a quote.

  16. I travel a lot for business, frequently to Asia. I will be in Taiwan in March 2011. I’m looking for a mid- to upper-end carbon fiber performance frame (not relaxed or comfort geometry)with Sram Red or DA & decent hoops, and like you I prefer that it be stealth rather than a billboard. All of your research seems to be directed toward retail purchase from local bike shops in Taipei. I was once in the graphite golf shaft biz & several of the factories were down around Taichung. Do you know where these factories are and if they ever sell direct ‘out the back door?’

    1. Hi Marcopolo, I sent you an email. There are some frames available on the grey market, but they come with no guarantees or warranties. The frame could just crack and you’d have no recourse.

      1. Hi Range, I would also be interested if there are some good upper carbon frames available on the grey market or if there is a chance to grab one of these directly on the back door of some factories in Taiwan and/or Mainland China. Do you also have some intel on OEM carbon rims? Would love to hear your advice on this topic. Thx in advance!

  17. Hello,

    I read this article and thinking it’s a good information to share with others.

    Can I put your blog link in Facebook page?


      1. Send me an email about the Giant bikes that you’re interested in. My prices are pretty competitive. Cheers.

  18. I am looking to purchase a TT/Tri bike and was looking at going unbranded/OEM. I have a custom race aparel company out of San Diego, CA and wanted to brand my own bike.

    Any suggestions? Recos?

    A lot of the bikes i’ve found are 76 degree seat tube angle but I am looking for 78..


    1. Hi BoyHero,
      I honestly don’t have contact with many OEM manufacturers, especially with TT bikes. I sell TT bikes from the bigger companies, from Giant, Colnago, Scott, and others.

      I know that Velocite is coming out with a TT bike, but it won’t be unbranded.


  19. Hi Range

    I e-mailed yesterday but I don’t think that my e-mail was sent.

    I am interested in importing carbon bikes, accessories, bike parts and clothing and am wondering if you have access or can locate any of these goods. I am in the Uk and I am looking at importing cycling equipment. I have a few questions:-

    regarding carbon bikes, are you able to source branded bikes and are they cosiderably cheaper than prices in the Uk? As the likes of pinarello are painted & badged up in Italy is it still possible to get them from the Taiwan fully badged up?

    Are you able to source branded bikes conponents such as shoes, wheels, groupsets, pedals, clothing from your contacts in China or Taiwan.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon Range.

    Best regards

  20. The Pedal Force RS2 looks exactly like the Tank Matrix F-22 frame. Same sloping tope tupe and curves chain stays. Same builder?

    1. Possibly, though my guess is that the Tank frame would be cheaper. Although, for local manufacturers, Tank frames aren’t that cheap to buy.

  21. Anyone ever heard of Tommaso bikes and know who manufactures their carbon TT/TRI frames. I contacted the company and understand they are made by someone in Taiwan. I know many years ago the company was owned by different people and the bikes were made out of a different factory I am only interested in what is going on now. Are these frames coming out of the factory of Quality? It looks as if the company is trying to start a name for itself, they have sponsored a pro triathlete for the 2010 season and make pick up more for 2011. Bottom line is the bikes are a great price I just want to know if the frames or good quality, and even truly aero.

  22. @Marcopolo

    Karbona is just a trading company. They do not make anything, except Karbona stickers.

    If you want original sources for some of the “Karbona” products look at http://www.rtscarbon.com/ or even Matrix (http://tankcycle.com.tw/) who also rebrand, but are better aligned with RTS than Karbona.

    Also check out eBay for the same products as on the Karbona site, without the stickers.

  23. Hello range
    Im thinking to start a shop with race bikes in Denmark with oem bike, is there any manufactures you can recommend?
    I think cervelo and specialized makes nice frames, so looking that way!
    Looking foward to your reply

    1. Hi Daniel,

      Cervelo and Specialized aren’t OEM brands since they are well established. They make nice bikes, but I find that customers like Pinarello, Colnago, and TIME more. At least, my own customers.

      As for OEM bikes, the best way to contact them would be to come over here for one of the bike shows. The Taipei bike show is in March, or around then, and it’s the best way to make contacts. There are a lot of factories around.

      I can offer you Velocite, Gryphon (Colnago EPS copies), and the Taiwanese Pinarello Prince.

      1. Gday range looking for a pinerello dogma or ti frame from taiwan or china factory can you assist me with a contact point thanks Brad

  24. @Kowloon I sent you an email. I run on online shop, so I don’t really have any grey market wares. They only wares that I think you might like are the Gryphon, which is a Taiwanese copy of the Colnago EPS as well as the Taiwanese Pinarello Prince, which is the same as the regular Prince, however it’s finished in Taiwan.

  25. Hi there, was wondering whats the most affordable full carbon bicycle shipped to the U.S. from a dependable distributor overseas, cant seem to get any reply from the companies I have contacted, do you have any quotes on how much 1 frame would be? or either a full-on carbon bike? any leads would be appreciated! Thanks!!

      1. Hi Range,

        Can you maybe email me the names as well of reputable chinese carbone frame manufacturers? What can you offer me for a decent price that is quality as well?


  26. Is there a company selling cheap, OEMish carbon bikes in the UK like pedalforce (US) or Azzurri (Oz) in the UK? Azzurri owns their own molds apparently.

    But anyway, cheap Taiwanese/Chinese carbon bikes in the UK anyone?

    I ride an Azzurri Primo bought from Taiwan. Great bike.


    1. There are quite a few. For example, Tank Cycles makes Matrix frames, which are quite cheap and look pretty good. It all depends on your budget.

  27. Great thread. I am looking for a good integrateg seat post F&F combo. Like the look of the matrix above. Currently ride a cervelo R3. what is out there?

    1. Hi Sammy, I sent you an email. OEM non-ISP frames start out at $700. The Matrix F35 sells for $1,500 USD. Velocite frames start out at $1,100 and go up to $1,700 USD. Cheers

  28. Hi, great information here!
    Does someone know where I can find the tawainese pinarello prince on the internet? Range, do you have a link to your onlineshop?

    best regards

    1. Hi Eric,
      did you get a reply for the tawainese pinarello prince, online? if you did could you send me the link… Cheers!

    2. I am also looking for an non billboard bike with top end components can u send me a link to your online shop? Searched on alibaba but am afraid of all the bad reviews.

    1. Hi Matt, my transactional e-commerce site is under construction for now, but it will be located at asteriskcycles.com. You can contact me at asteriskcycles at gmail dot com for any inquiries. Cheers.

  29. hi range ,thanks for all the info ,i found a site kingcycle.net and they are selling very cheap big brand frames seems to be too good to be true have you any info on them ?.also am very interested in the matrix f35 if you could give me any info on it and how best to purchase one it would be great. many thanks tadhg

    1. Hi TADGH, I sent you an email.

      I wouldn’t buy from that site. If you see prices that are too low, it’s most likely a scam.


  30. hi range

    i race in mountain since 20 years. i have try aluminium bike hardtail and double suspension. now, i ride in full carbon hardtail.

    i search again for hardtail carbon very light like a scott scale but in another company.

    only the frame or full bike in sram xx or shimano xtr 2×10, in oem or fact company.


      1. Hey Range, Cool blog. Where would one look for the equivalent of the high end super light cyclocross frames such as the Scott Addict CX RL and Cannondale Super X Hi Mod?


  31. Hi Range
    Could you send me a link to your webshop?
    btw. do u know of any good Titanium manufacturers in China, preferrably near Beijing / tianjin?
    Looking for a ti-Fully…

    1. Hi Jesper, I sent you an email. I have no contacts with manufacturers in China. Most of the OEM stuff I need is made in Taiwan. I specialize in selling brand names. Cheers

  32. Hello, Range. Do you know where I can find the tawainese pinarello prince on the internet? Also, maybe it is possible for you to recommend me where I can buy a copy of Scott Spark Rc or 10 ( in similar way like – Gryphon is Colnago EPS copy)

    1. Hi Sergei,
      I know this post is quite old, But I am also looking for a frame similar to a Scott Spark 10.
      Look forward to your reply.

  33. Hi again my dears.

    i’m new to tell you more than Range. Maybe Range is the most appropriatte guy to tell you what are the best suplier for Full suspension carbon frame. I can get full suspension from my suplier but it doesn’t have stock for that frame and i need to buy 20 pieces. but unfortunaly i cannot afford 20 pieces for carbon frame, cause i’m gathering many components from other brands, and it is quite dificult cause most suplier require 5000USD for sample order, wether be frames, chains or cassettes, and i’m fresh in high business.
    For what i’ve seen there are few full suspension carbon frames supliers, and they are always selling the same mould, the same frame. you should try to contact this company “Wenzhou Sunday Trade Co., Ltd.” cause i think is the only that may accept a small order from you. i’ll also wait for waht Range will said about this cause he have more experience than me. i’m also interested in full suspension carbon frame and in good suplirs with fair price that can accept small order. My suplier have the best prices that i’ve seen with many compnies that i’ve spoke to but it is hard to get mtb frames from them.

    i’ll wait for what Range will say. tahnsk for you all and especially to Range that brings to us this pretty discussion about OEM companies

    1. Hi Bruno, I don’t have many connections with the OEM market, except for the few things that I’ve mentioned. Most of my clients purchase mid to high end bikes, from brand names. For now, I’ve got no interest in working with manufacturers for OEM deals, but you guys are probably doing more than I ever did.

  34. hello range,
    i’m a cycling fanatic. Anything about bicycles I’m interested. i see you do business from the internet. I know of a few suppliers of big brands myself. Maybe we can help each other out.
    Email or msn me.
    Thank you.


  35. Hello Range,
    I would like to buy 3 Scott Scale RC and interested Taiwanise pinarello. Can you recommend me where I can buy on the internet these bikes?
    Thank you.

  36. Firstly what a fantastic site, offering free advice! rare,

    I have a few questions:
    1. Could you please help me link with all available OEM carbon frame conections you are aware off? Im aware and have connections with great pinarello frames, but thats it, could you hlp me find some other OEM?
    2. Do you know of any frame manufactorers in Tawain that sell carbon road frames direct to low end sellers?
    3. Do you know of any OEM wheel sets?
    4. Do you know of any good suppliers of grou sets and accessories?

    Really appreciate it,

    1. Hi Jon, I sent you an email. I don’t really have that many connections with the OEM market. I specialize in high-end bikes and equipment. Cheers.

  37. Hi Range!

    Can you please email me more info on the gryphon frame? Sizes, Geometry, weight, colours and price? Can you ship to South Africa and how would payment work? Where are you located?

    Can you also get them in just plain black without any logos?

    Waiting in anticipation on your response!

    Kind regards

      1. Hello Range, excellent thred- thank you very much for all the info. Could you please direct me to a couple of websites so I can purchase a frame that my have the same GEO as a Specialized Tarmac without the high cost. I purchased a Pedal Force RS3 worked for me but I sold it to my friend to get him on a bike. I will mostly be doing CRITs. Any recommendation on TRI frames as well. Thank you.

    1. I probably know of one company that does this, but the frames are expensive, $2,500 USD. Any custom geo will take about a month to manufacture and these special orders have to be paid in full before the frame is produced. Cheers.

  38. thanks Range,

    I’ve actually managed to find out who manufactures the frame. I’ll post the photos shortly once I’ve it painted.

  39. Range: Going to be in Taipei in late feb. and early march. Got any leads to find a cheap, really cheap carbon fiber frame and fork on the gray market? Going to be there for four weeks and no leads. Joe M.

  40. Hi Range,

    Interesting info, thanks for the thread.
    I will be in Taipei later this year, and wondered whether I should be looking to buy a new carbon road frame/fork while I am there — or does the internet mean that today, there’s no point?

    Are there any deals that open up if I’m there?

    Thanks for any advice,

  41. Hi,

    Am looking to set a new bike and accessories brand in Ireland and wondered if you could give me some advice on importing my own frames/forks/accessories and building them in Ireland.

    I am looking to take a trip to Taiwan/China later this year and wanted to understand what I would be looking at paying for the following (obviously volume is a key factor):

    – Carbon Road Frame & Forks
    – Aluminium Road Frame & Forks
    – Titanium Road Frame & Forks

    Also if you knew of any manufacturers that come recommended. I want to supply quality above all regardless of what end of the price spectrum my customers come from.

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Hi Grant,

      I sent you an email, cheers.

      The best time to come would be during this year’s Taipei Cycle Show, which is coming up during March 16-19 2011. I don’t really deal with these kinds of customers or manufacturers. Most of these wares are now made in China, but you can meet the manufacturers during the Taipei Cycle show.


  42. Hi Range

    Thanks for taking the trouble to provide all the info on your blog, I really appreciate it. I have been looking for information on PZ Racing, I have heard that they re-brand OEM parts but I cannot find the source. PZR do not provide any technical info for their frames on their site at all which leads me to believe that this mey be true.

    I am interested in a sub 1Kg frameset for racing, stiffness and climbing ability are of paramount importance.

  43. Range
    You appear to mention the Pinarello Prince can you please confirm what price it would be to supply a full bike with various manufactures equipment. Would it also be possible to supply a price for frame only.

    Many Thanks


  44. I am interested in a Cervelo S1 frame – do you know where I can source one cheaply direct from Taiwan. Alternatively, I’m looking for framesets similar to Specialized Road Tarmac and Roubaix. Any ideas?

  45. Hey range I’m interested in the lower price frames to start off with for a road bike. Would like to buy complete bikes if available to start off with for my own use but I am looking to sell them in Australia. I’m slowly starting to build connections with cyclist and Triathlete’s locally any information to help get me started and maybe a link to your web page would be much appreciated. Thanks for all this information by the way.

  46. range,

    thanks for the advice. Can you give me more info on the gryphon eps look alikes? where can i get one, do you sell them? i also saw on your site that there were some 2010 eps with good pricing, do you have anything in 52 slope or 56 traditional? finally, i see you talk about velocite often…i recently bought a bike, rossetti murcielago, then see a velocite just like it, the magnus i believe. do you have any info on this? does the factory sell to both, or do they share molds, etc?

    thanks again!!

  47. Saw from your description of Teneo that they are the builder for Wilier. I stay in Tainan and have been trying to get my paws on a Granturismo frameset. Upon digging around for Teneo, appears website is down at moment. Any leads that can be shared? Cheers – Robbz

  48. Range, thanks for the fast reply! Actually, I pinged the Taiwan Wilier rep a few days ago with no reply as of yet. Do you recall who was carrying them? Had a pretty good feeling no great discount would be possible but always looking for a “fair” price.

    Cheers – Robbz

  49. Hello Range,

    I have read all of you blogs just for the knowledge, thanks for your dedication. I will be moving to South China shortly, and I plan on racing in the Ironman Triathlon in Beijing in May. I subscribed to Alibaba and I been recieving emails for Scott Plasma Premiums. The prices are all under $2000 USD, is this legitamate? I am also in the market for a street bike for training purposes. I have also been recieving emails for carbon fiber wheelsets made by Zipp (404) These are being advertised for around $400 USD. I would appreciate any comments or suggestions. Sounds like my best bet is to be at that bike show in Taiwan in March.



  50. Hi Range! Excellent site, your advice is valued. Please give me some advice on acquiring a Taiwanese Pinarello on the internet. I would also appreciate some advice on a reputable Taiwanese OEM manufacturer, not Chinese!!
    Your views on Hong Fu Bikes??

    Great blog

  51. Hi Range,

    I just came to this site by chance looking info from my actual bike. I have a Trigon frame for 4 years and it is good so far but I just wanted to upgrade or change it to build a new bike.

    I was wondering on a new Trigon frame, I guess the new frames will be stiffer and better that the one I have now. However, also pinarello came to my mide as I like the design they have.

    Do you know if I can get the OEM of the pinarello dogma? at least prince?

    I also started racing cross and I’m wondering if you know something about OEM cross frames.

    Thanks and nice post.

  52. Range,

    Heading to HK, Taiwan, Shanghai, Shenzhen some time this fall and would love to hear any advice you may have. Looking for a good deal on a TT carbon frameset. Any factories, stores, etc. that you recommend I visit.

    Thanks in advance!

  53. Hello Range,

    I have moved to Mainland China from the states. I have been shopping for a bike, and I found a Trek store pretty close to my residence. It seems they also sell Pinerello. They have a slightly used 2009 Paris frame that was used as a test bike and by the employees. They want 5000rmb. How do I know it is the real thing and not a copy? I also asked them to give me a price on a Trek TT 7.5. The quote was around 6000 rmb. I want to ask the same question about authenticity? My last question is, do you have a contact for Sram red components.



  54. Hello Range,

    Could you send me info/prices on a Pinarello Prince from Taiwan.
    The Chinese copies are cheap but the quality unknown.



  55. Hi Range,

    I have an idea for a carbon bike I’d like to produce. I can’t see selling more than 200 frames a year – a small number. Can you recommend a quality vendor with lower MOQs?


  56. Hi Range,

    Can you tell where I can find info/prices on the Taiwanese Pinarello Prince and Dogma on the internet? Also, can you email me you shop website?

    Thank you. Jimmie

  57. Hi Range,

    I will be travelling to Taiwan in June/July and am hoping to take a look at some of the shops that you mentioned in your post.

    Also could you kindly provide me the information regarding the Taiwanese Pinarello Prince and Dogma?


  58. Hi Range, great blog. Any chance you can send me some info on the Gryphon lugged (colnago) frames and pinarellos you can get hold of. Pics if poss with costs Cheers NJ

  59. Hi Range,

    Can you email me details of where to get a Dogma and Prince frame from. I’m also after a High Modulas Mountainbike frame both 26″ and 29″


  60. Hi range, am also after info regarding the Gryphon (EPS) and Pinarello OEM from Taiwen

    Cheers Mate

  61. Hi there I would like to buy a Taiwain Pinarello Dogma OEM frame set but I am finding it so confusing as most people selling them seem to be a bit shady !!
    Can anyone point me in the right direction ?

  62. These products being offered look great

    So I am pretty confused on how actually purchasing these bikes works. You list the websites of the manufacturers but when I go to the sites there aren’t any add to cart buttons, often no prices or typical buying procedures. Do you go through contact us tabs? How is the buying done?

    Has anyone been purchasing bikes from these companies? How did you do it and were you happy with the transaction?

    What were the shipping prices and how long did it take you to get the bike in the mail?

  63. Hi Range

    Very interesting blog and one thats just saved me a few quid
    I’m was looking to setup a bike shop, and was looking into importing directly from asia. are all bikes and parts offered on allibaba.com fakes.
    Bikes here in ireland are very expensive the idea that you could buy a dogma frame add your componants to it and sell in a shop was very appealing. a frame for 300-500 quid shimano dura ace groups 560-600quid a bike out the door of a shop for just over a grand. My question is are the fakes any good.?
    Are the shimano groups far from the real thing are the frames far from the real thing most leisure cyclists like the colours, shape, clothing bits and bobs attached to bike they may do a race or two and feel fine they may not be hard core enthusiasts who want the OEM version how far away from the real deal are these parts the carbon fiber weave etc is it dangerous.?
    your opinion is very valued.

      1. Selling fakes is a dangerous game, even if you run a small operation. It opens you to lawsuits from clients and companies. I’d stay away from the fakes on Alibaba and try to find some good OEM products that potential clients might buy.

  64. Hi Range,

    Great blog! I will be in Taipei the end of this month. I would like to buy a WSD road bike. Do you deal with this? Please let me know.


  65. Hi Range,
    I would like to get into TT/Triathlon and want a good value CF frameset that wont break the bank from a reputable company.
    price raneg in around 600$.
    Am i Asking too much to find this?


  67. Hi Range
    I have been reading through your interesting blogs. I have naively purchased a Pinarello Dogma 60.1 frame from China(Guangdong) and have since read reviews.

    My actual plan is to offer bespoke build bikes to customers under my own branding.

    Could you advise whether there are any manufacturers in Taiwan who offer frames to order? Also do you know of any manufascturers in Europe who may be able to offer this service??

    I think my email mirrors a previous email which I have detailed below.

    Many thanks

    …..I am interested in importing carbon bikes, accessories, bike parts and clothing and am wondering if you have access or can locate any of these goods. I am in the Uk and I am looking at importing cycling equipment. I have a few questions:-

    regarding carbon bikes, are you able to source branded bikes and are they cosiderably cheaper than prices in the Uk? As the likes of pinarello are painted & badged up in Italy is it still possible to get them from the Taiwan fully badged up?

    Are you able to source branded bikes conponents such as shoes, wheels, groupsets, pedals, clothing from your contacts in China or Taiwan.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon Range.

    Best regards

    1. Hi Fraser

      i’m also following this blog and was wondering what was the quality of the frame you received.?


      1. Hi Aidan
        I havent built the bike up yet. The frame looks very impressive although I have since read some adverse postings on ‘Chinarello’ frames (the UK’s name for imported Pinarello copies from China). So I’m not sure what the frame will be like to ride once built up.

        There is a site with a small amount if info on these frames http://chinarello.wordpress.com/.

        Hope that helps you out.

    2. Hi Fraser,
      How much was the price of your Chinarello Dogma and where did you purchase it? Have you built up the bike yet? If yes, how’s the performance? I was also looking into a Colnago EPS copy but was hesitant on its performance once built. Any update from your end would be great.


      1. The Chinarellos aren’t comparable to the copies made in Taiwan. They cost about $400. You get what you pay for. As for Colnago dupes, they can be found if you come to Taiwan. I don’t know anyone who still sells them.

      2. Who sells these Colnago & Pinarello in Taiwan? Don’t you think it’s illegal? How about the real Taiwanese bike like the Trigon RQC29 which is their flagship bike? How is this bike comparable in performance to Colnago C59 or Pinarello Dogma or Prince? Thanks.

      3. Hi,
        What I mean is Colnago & Pinarello copies in Taiwan – who sells them? Don’t you think it’s illegal? Thanks.

      4. I find it hard to compare Trigon frames to anything that’s made by a big company, even Giant, especially the stuff like the Colnago C59 that’s still handmade in Italy. Naturally, all copies are illegal, which is one of the reasons why I don’t sell any. In the end, you get what you pay for.

  68. Hi Range,
    the new style carbon track frame from China what is the brand name the produce for. I am not certain it is close to Corima

  69. This might be off topic but does anyone know:

    1. If Dahon folding bicycle company actually manufactures their frame sets? If not, what Chinese companies manufacture the frame sets?

    2. The name of a Chinese company or reseller where I can purchase Dahon folding bicycles or frame sets, or copies of the same incorporating Dahon-licensed technology?

    3. If you don’t know or if it’s too far off topic, do you have any suggestions on the best way to find out the answers to the preceding questions.



  70. hi mate,i am in singapore and looking for a taiwan made carbon frame. still deciding between a tt frame and road frame. would you pm me any lead ?

  71. Hi Range,
    I am planning to go to Taiwan this coming May. Where can I find bike parts? I bought a Pinarello Prince with Campy Super Record from an authorized dealer and have been loving the bike. Are there deals to buy a bike in Taiwan even copies of Colnago and Pinarello? I also want to buy bike parts such as handlebars, etc. Any advice. Thank you.

  72. Range, I will be in Taipei next week on business and wanted to shop for a carbon frameset in 61cm size. Any good local offerings for a single frameset purchase of that size in the 600 USD range?

    1. Hi Joe. do you need to go on Taipei next week? why don’t you wait and combine your trip to TAIPEI CYCLE SHOW?7-10 march.
      this is the most important event from bicycle world, before Eurobike and interbike, this is where the main products are shown first. if you can wait and combine, you can make a good deal around 400usd.
      tahnks and best regards

      1. Hi Bruno,
        Saw your post. What bikes are these that will go for around 400USD. Are these OEM Taiwanese bikes? I have been checking Trigon and Velocite.
        although Velocite XS bikes are still way too big for me. Any leads on the brands of these bikes would be great.
        Do you think you can get deals from FSA or SRAM? Thanks.

      2. Hi Maria.
        i don’t know exactly wich brand you can go for 400usd, but i think you can make a good deal around that money. depends on the new brands, and depend how big the brand grown in the last years. ususally small brands or manufacturers sell their products with no problem at all. if grown a lot, they will not care about selling to you…
        regarding sram products i think you can get it there with complete bike, but if you want to buy separatly i have my doubts, but if you’re buying many groupset, try to contact sram guys there, and they will sell to you, even if not immediattely, cause usually sram takes 30 to 60 days to deliver complete parts for bicycle mounts.
        FSA i have no clue.
        just go and try 🙂

  73. Hi Range,
    i saw on ebay a new giant trc 2012 frame whit fork and seat post for 2500US $
    Can i find a better price



  74. I would like to know where I can get good quality Pinarello OEM with possible custom paint jobs. I was wondering if you have heard or know anything about Great Keen Bike? I am new and need some advice on this please.

    1. Hi, I don’t sell any duplicates or copies, only original wares. I don’t know anything about that brand, Great Keen Bike. I do sell some OEM bikes though.

  75. Hi,

    Are you able to help me with the pinarello frame sets from Taiwan?

    Also looking for components – shimano group set, wheels etc for a custom build.

    Thanks for your help!


  76. Hiya range, i drop a msg somewhere inside this blog. i wanted to look for full carbon bike, but i didnt want to break my bank.

    i looked thru your blog, am interested in OEM bikes as well … :DD

  77. G’day Range,
    I have just done my maiden OD tri in Malaysia recently, and I am now shopping around intending to get into TT/Triathlon and want a good value CF frameset I am hoping to the price range in around $600.

    p.m. me at seowfung@yahoo.com for further discussion on prices. Thanks.


  78. G’day Range, I’m looking for a TT bike frame. Possible to pm me at seowfung@yahoo.com for price list? I’m relatively new in triathlon, so hoping to get a full carbon frameset. Thanks in advance.

  79. Hi Range what do you know or think of MICROSHIFT out of Taiwan? And could you be so kind as to send me a list of trusted manufactuers in Taiwan, looking to brand carbon fiber wheels…


  80. Hello here.
    I have been reading and learning from all post here.
    I have found out tat there are very very great deals to do on the net.
    Companies like:
    They all make great carbon bikes and sell them cheap to private customers, As Range said earlier ADK have been making frames for well known brands, and there products are very very good quality.
    As for Matrix and RTS frames, buy MATRIX, because it is the same bike, just cheaper, a lot cheaper, and very very good quality, and there wheels are also very good.
    Waiting for any comments.

  81. Hi Range,
    Will be in New Taipei City 11/13 to 11/19. Looking to get a top of the line carbon frame/complete bike. Want something lite and stiff for lots of climbing. What can you offer/recommend? Cervelo, Cannondale, etc.?

  82. Hi Range,
    I’m in the market for an unbranded track bike/frame… any good ones you can recomend?

    thanks . Frank

  83. Hello Range,

    I came across your blog at the tail-end of an exhaustive search for additional information on bikes from Taichung Cityn Guangzhou, et al.

    Even with friends on Hong Kong and personal experience of visiting China one or more times every year, I have had a hard time finding reputable suppliers. The fact that sites like Alibaba are riddled with scam artists does not help.

    The bottom line is I am looking to purchase overruns, closeouts, leftovers of high-quality branded bikes. From 2009 – 2012 models. Road, TT/Tri, Mountain categories. Brands such as Cervelo, Scott, Felt, Cannondale, Trek, Look, etc. etc.

    My contact information is below. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for all your hard work here.


  84. Hei.
    Do anyone know if the trigon tt frame are made by trigon or some place in china/taiwan

  85. Hi Range, have you heard of Vellum Cycles a Philipino company. Nice looking frames any idea who manufactures them. Thanks for any information.

  86. How do I know the difference between a copy and oem? I need to sell a 2012 cervelo s5 plus a pair of fulcrum wheels but I won’t if they’re fakes. I was told they were oem. How do I know? Thanks for your help!

    1. If they are fakes, there’s not much you can do except advertise it as a replica and try to sell it to recoup some of your loss. If they are OEM, meaning that they are from Cervelo and Fulcrum, but just made for the OEM market, then you’ve got no problems. There’s a difference between OEM and replicas. From what you’ve mentioned, you’ve got replicas. Actually, I don’t think Cervelo makes any OEM frames. Fulcrum is supplying wheels to manufacturers who have specialized accounts as OEM.

  87. Hi Range,

    very interesting blog you have. can i know what are the OEM frames that you are selling?

  88. Hi I’m looking for pinarello frame sets from Taiwan and taiwanise carbon frame supplier. Can you send me the list?


    1. Taiwan is a safer bet. Better quality in carbon bikes. PayPal or credit cards would be the best payment options. As for sources, I can’t really help you

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