Big Brother Final UK S10E107-108 (Channel 4)

Sophie is in the bath. BB has called Siavash to the diary room since he wanted to leave the night before. He still doesn’t know what to do. He says that he wants to stay but it’s the waiting that’s killing him. BB says that he’s got an hour to make up his mind.

All of the HM are in the dining room having a farewell dinner. Upon reflection, Siavash decided to stay.

Davina talks with the house. She tells them that Roddy finished in 5th place. He is greeted by a lot of cheers and a few boos. Judy James explains why Roddy made it into the final. He is shown footage of his family. James said that he adapted well in the house. His spats with Charlie revealed a fiery temper, as well as his affection for Charlie.

Davina talks with the house. She tells them that Charlie finished 4th. Charlie is greeted with more boos than Roddy. James says that Charlie started as a child in the house. He joined in arguments by defending his friends. James says that he developed from child to man. He’s grown up. He is asked about Roddy. They both said that they are friends.

Davina talks with the house and tells them that David finished 3rd.

When Davina talked with Noirin, she revealed that Isaac is back in America and that she is single for real. It’s between Siavash and Sophie.

Big Brother UK S10E108

James says that Siavash is the most multi-faceted HM in BBUK10. Sophie has a sense of fun and a feisty side to her personality.

David leaves the house. Chubby fatman David is greeted with boos and cheers.

David announces that Sophie won BBUK 10. Siavash leaves and receives quite a few boos.

Sophie got 74.4% of the vote to win. Sophie can’t believe that she could win. Davina asks her about Kris. Sophie says that she has to talk to him first.

* * * * *

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