Big Brother UK S10E100 (Channel 4)

The HM are cleaning the house. Dave is called to the diary room. He says that HM are bothered about the prize money, but they aren’t saying it. He says that he isn’t bothered. The prize fund is at £20.

You need to learn me Portuguese.
Sophie to Roddy

Marcus is in the diary room complaining about the music that was played while they were cleaning up. Chaz & Dave. He mentions that he likes Britney Spears.

Charlie, Lisa, and Dave are talking about the prize fund. David is talking loudly that he won’t do anything to get the prize money.

Lisa and Dave are talking about love. They haven’t found anyone recently. Dave thinks that Charlie is into Roddy.

Roddy is helping out with Sophie’s hair. It’s looking pretty bad. BB calls a HM to the diary room. Roddy goes. He can win £10,000 to the prize fund. He has to differentiate between regional accents of animal sounds. He wins £6,000.

A seal is a large fish.

Marcus is evicted. Lisa and Dave go on about how their lives will be the same after they leave the house. They don’t want the money. I think that’s idiotic. It’s a gameshow. They all came onto the show for the paycheck.

Siavash is singing in Arabic in the sitting room.

Sophie tells Roddy that drinking the drinks made her chubby. Meanwhile, she is frying something up in a pan. Roddy gives Charlie some drinks and Sophie finds it cute. Roddy tells Sophie that if he had to hear her voice the whole day screaming, he would kill himself. Sophie walks away.

* * * * *

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