Big Brother UK S10E101 (Channel 4)

Last night, Marcus was evicted. Lisa tells Charlie that she’s looking forward to being back in her life, unemployed. Siavash tells Sophie that it’s weird that Marcus has gone. Charlie comes to the diary room. He says that he misses Marcus. He says that he learned with Roddy to walk away from arguments.

Roddy scares Lisa in the toilet. He finds it funny. She’s annoyed. She says that if they weren’t in the BBUK house, she would have smacked him. Siavash says that he could have given her a heart attack.

All HM are told to gather. Charlie, Roddy and Sophie run to the gathering place. Roddy wants to go back into the diary room to do another task. Roddy makes Sophie go. HM have 4 hours to pass an unnamed task. There is an arrow that tells them if they pass the task. There are puzzles to solve. HM are unaware, all HM must simply need to leave the task room. There is no other gauge. £10,000 is at stake for the prize fund. The HM start working at the puzzles. David resolves one and is jubilant, but the arrow hasn’t moved. All of the HM don’t know that they are doing it for no reason. Roddy leaves to change and the arrow moves. When he comes back, it goes back down. David leaves and the arrow goes up.

After wasting 2 and a half hours, Lisa tells everyone to leave. Whilst they are going out, she tells also Siavash to leave. They pass the task and add money to the prize fund. They also win Chinese takeaway and 4 tokens. They get some booze. They only have 5 minutes to decide.

Lisa is in the diary room. She’s glad that Dave is here. They get their food but some HM manage to whine. Lisa keeps going on that it’s not cheap and that she told them that it was like that.

The HM have come to the diary room to request some music. BB suggests making some music themselves.

Lisa says that she’s got to find a job after BB. She’s have to fill out forms at a job center. BB has called Sophie and Roddy to the diary room.

* * * * *

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