Big Brother UK S10E103-104 (Channel 4)

Last night, Charlie played a prank on Lisa by banging some pots near her head when she was sleeping. Charlie tells the HM that she will be bitching about him the whole day. She starts bitching about it to David.

Charlie apologizes to Lisa.

The HM must re-enact a previous episode of BB. As soon as it starts, Siavash says that it won’t be a good episode. It’s because of Noirin. Siavash walks out into the garden and into his bed. They hear Hira’s terrible singing to Marcus, who is in jail at that time.

The HM started re-enacting the show. While Roddy and Sophie are playing Siavash and Noirin, Siavash is hiding out in the sitting room. Charlie joins him. He didn’t like seeing the reenactment.

As HM completed this to BB’s satisfaction, they passed the shopping task. Siavash spent some time hiding out in the bathroom.

Charlie tells Siavash that he didn’t know that this was going on. Obviously, he knew that he was doing something, but he didn’t know that Siavash told her so much. Lisa tells BB in the diary room that Siavash is pretending to be a broken man. She’s got no sympathy for him.

Eviction Night S10E104

Davina talks to the BBUK house. She tells them that Lisa has been evicted. David started crying when Davina told him that he was safe. This is going to be an interesting interview. Lisa doesn’t take shit from anyone.

Lisa gets a lot of boos, a lot more than Marcus. Lisa received 68.6% of the public vote. Kim thinks that she expected Lisa to go because of the way she reacted to being nominated. Davina tells Lisa that she provided one of the best episodes of BBUK in history when she went to London with David in costumes.

* * * * *

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