Big Brother UK S10E105 (Channel 4)

While in the pool, Charlies throws the space hopper at Lisa’s head. It hurt and she is complaining. Roddy is laughing very hard. It actually bent Lisa’s bracelet.

BB has gathered the HM for today’s task. If they pass the task, they will get to see the reenactment that they filmed yesterday. The HM have to perform a dance routine for Beyoncé.

Charlie is upset because he has to be the stylist. The other HM decided. He comes back inside and tells Roddy that he doesn’t want to be the stylist. He wants to be the choreographer or the assistant. Roddy finds it funny.

Charlie is in the bath and complains to Roddy. Sophie tells David that she has got certificates in dancing. David and Siavash are messing with Roddy because he’s the assistant.

Charlie puts on his costume. He looks ridiculous. He’s got a pink blazer on with a itsy bitsy tiny top hat, kind of like a monkey would wear. He comes to the diary room to complain. I find it funny how he keeps using “us” to refer to himself.

Charlie does David’s make up and he is pissed that Charlie did a bad job. He’s being a diva since he is playing Beyoncé. They do their ridiculous performance.

HM exchanged a token to get access to a hair straightener. They only have access to it for an hour. Roddy is hogging it. Siavash tries to get it but is told off. Charlie does Roddy’s hair but he manages to whine. Charlie starts to work on Siavash and they argue, as usual.

It’s eviction night and HM are shocked that Lisa has been evicted. David cries a lot. Charlie has come to the diary room jubilant.

The HM have started watching the reenactment they filmed the day before. Sophie notices that she looks chubby. No shit, she’s a fatty. Siavash leaves when the part of him and Noirin is on. The HM see Siavash’s junk. Well, his bum at least because he wasn’t wearing much during the reenactment.

* * * * *

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