Big Brother UK S10E106 (Channel 4)

Sophie is cutting Roddy’s hair. Roddy manages to whine again. Charlie is in the bath. Siavash and David are in the living room. Today is David’s birthday. David is called to the diary room. He is unaware that his fashion idol Vivienne Westwood has sent him a letter. He reads it and starts to cry. She asks him to get in contact with her when he leaves the BBUK hours. Siavash is very happy for David. Charlie looks jealous. Sophie doesn’t know what to make of it. She’s too stupid to realize what this means.

While David is by the Bus Stop. The HM talk about what to give him. Charlie says that he will make him a t-shirt. Sophie comes up with the idea of “I love Viv”. Siavash also comes up with a way of making it good. They decide to cut out a heart out of a red towel. Sophie, Siavash and Roddy try to distract him while Charlie creates the gift.

David walks in and Charlie has to stop. It’s awkward because they aren’t good liars.

The HM have gathered in the garden for the task. David is called to the diary room. He will get the opportunity to get back the £100,000 prize fund. He must rate the HM accordingly. If he guesses it correctly, he will win £10,000. To start off, the HM have to rate themselves in terms of viewer popularity. Charlie puts himself in #1, Roddy is next, Sophie and Siavash are last. David misses his first questions. HM must now rate themselves in terms of who has the biggest gameplan. The HM decide not to rate themselves, even though they think that Siavash has the biggest gameplan. Roddy suggests that they just stand on the podiums. David misses the next questions as well. David guesses 2 right and adds £20,000 to the prize fund, which stands at £50,000. HM must rate themselves as the most deserving to win. They argue. Siavash makes sense but they don’t listen to him. David guesses that the HM rated Charlie as the most deserving winner. He also guesses that Sophie was the least deserving. He adds another £20,000. The prize fund stands at £71,000.

Charlie shows off the t-shirt he created for David. He stitched it together. Meanwhile, Roddy asks the HM what they would do if they saw someone having sex out of the window. Siavash says that he would close the window. David doesn’t say much. Sophie says that she would watch. Roddy starts laughing and says that he would also watch. Charlie gets a piece of cake for David. He also gets a can of lager. David is happy when they start singing.

David is in the diary room. He’s told that he will be getting a birthday party later tonight. He’s ecstatic. BB tells him that he can tell him about the songs that he would like to hear. After he gives his list, BB asks him about the party nibbles that he wants.

Siavash is in the living room. Roddy is in the bath. Charlie throws a bit of cold water at him. He freaks out and calls him a bastard. Siavash has come to the diary room. He tells BB that he wants to leave so that he can apologize to his ex-girlfriend. BB tells him that tonight is David’s party. He should join his friends and BB will be there for him all night.

After a while, Siavash leaves for the bathroom. He comes to the diary room. He asks to leave. BB tells him to contemplate his decision. After 23 minutes, he says that he can’t leave. The house is like a drug.

The HM are waiting for him to light the cake. Charlie says that Siavash is ruining it for everyone else. They light it in the house.

Siavash has been in the diary room for 90 minutes. He says that he will sleep on it. He comes out and says that he saw the doctor for his voice. Sophie tells him that she hopes that he wasn’t thinking about leaving.

* * * * *

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