Big Brother UK S10E92 (Channel 4)

Preggers Sophie is in the diary room. She thinks that Kris was just using her for publicity. Sophie is still slurring her words. She says that she isn’t going to talk with Kris after she leaves the house.

Lisa has come to the diary room to talk about David. She gets along very well with him. She feels like a mother figure to Sophie, Roddy and Charlie. She also gets along with Marcus. There is another side to him.

The HM have to perform a whistling orchestra. Charlie is the conductor. Sophie has got a terrible singing voice, but that isn’t new. Charlie is called into the diary room. BB is concerned that the HM aren’t giving their 100%. He says that Siavash and Bea aren’t trying hard enough.

During the performance, Siavash couldn’t help but laugh. They receive a party nonetheless.

Siavash and Bea are smoking. They make up. He realized that she wasn’t bitching, she was just moaning.

Marcus is in the diary room talking about himself. The house would be shit without him. He sounds pretty satisfied with himself.

The irrepressible darkhorse, the 100% man.
Marcus about himself

Siavash exchanges a token for hair straighteners. David, Bea and Marcus are packing. Marcus is taking his chocolate with him. Marcus is swearing a lot. Sophie tells him that he needs anger-management therapy. Marcus is just messing about.

It’s eviction night. Bea is evicted. Once again, Siavash wants to find a way to get everyone nominated. That way it’s fair. He’s an idiot. He also looks like a complete wanker with his fake pink eyelashes on.

Just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean that I’m not usable.

The HM receive 4 cans of cider and 3 bottles of wine. David and Lisa are talking about Bea’s eviction.

Roddy tells Siavash that he should just leave it. Charlie says that Bea hadn’t been gone for 30 seconds and Siavash already started talking about the noms.

Some of the HM are talking about Bea. Marcus says that she wasn’t attractive. She was like a giraffe, a long trunk and long arms. She looked weird. Some of the HM shush him.

David has come to the diary room to say that he’s happy to be in the house.

Roddy is eating chocolate. Charlie says that Roddy is in a mood. Charlie denies it. Siavash tells Charlie that he saw them kiss.

Sophie, David, Lisa and Charlie are talking about nominations. They think that it’s between David and Marcus next week. Sophie says that she doesn’t want Siavash to go. Roddy is in the diary room. He’s happy that Bea has left. The HM are getting closer. He says that the show is finishing and he feels upset about it. He starts to cry.

Sophie tells Charlie that she knows that he kissed Roddy. Roddy fancies him.

Roddy is speaking with Marcus. He is trying to make him feel better. Marcus is still unhappy. He goes to the diary room.

Sophie tells Siavash that she wants to be nominated.

* * * * *

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