Big Brother UK S10E93 (Channel 4)

David tells Lisa that he’s never been to a gay pride event. Charlie comes to the diary to complain that Roddy is ignoring him. He’s got a love hate relationship with him.

Later, Charlie confronts Roddy while he is in the pool. Roddy tells him that he is tired from last night. Roddy is also embarrassed that he gets into this in front of everyone. Lisa tries to intervene. Siavash says that Roddy was red in the face last night because he had a drink. Lisa starts singing “Is This Love?”.

Marcus has come to the diary room. Shortly, BB will provide the HM with some music and cleaning products to clean the BBUK house.

Sophie asks stupid questions about clouds. It shows how plain and stupid she is. That’s not surprising. Marcus comes out and tells the HM that they will be cleaning soon. They will be cleaning to rock ballads. Both Marcus and Lisa know the words to November Rain by Guns N Roses.

Siavash and Roddy are talking about BB. There are about 13 days left and they both enjoyed being in the house. They both liked waking up with people and being around people all the time. When they leave, it will be lonelier.

For today’s task, HM will be taking on each other in oil wrestling. Since David went to the diary room to collect the props, he gets a free pass to the semi-finals. The first round is Roddy vs Marcus. Sophie will go against Siavash. Charlie will fight Lisa. As part of today’s task, the HM must choose nicknames.

After a few minutes, Marcus wrestles Roddy out. Siavash is through to the semi-finals. Charlie and Lisa have been wrestling for 15 minutes. Marcus and Siavash are the first to wrestle in the semi-finals. Siavash wins against Marcus and stumbles out of the kiddie pool. David and Charlie are next. Charlie isn’t very enthusiastic. He wins against David. Siavash and Charlie will face off. During the fight, Charlie steps on Siavash’s cock. He asks him to wait, but he doesn’t. Siavash hoists Charlie out of the ring and wins. He calls Charlie a dirty beast for not waiting.

Charlie and Marcus are in the kitchen. During the fight, Charlie called David a whale. Siavash comes to the diary room to receive his reward. He didn’t think that he would win against Marcus nor Charlie.

Sophie comes to the bedroom to talk to Roddy. She’s tired. The other HM are talking about the wrestling. David didn’t like being called a whale and he didn’t like how Charlie tossed him out after having hit him in the bollocks. He tried to use the same technique with Siavash. Siavash says that Charlie didn’t really want to win and he was tough. If he wanted to win, he would have drowned them. He’s a bitch fighter.

Sophie is so tired because she isn’t used to that much physical activity. Marcus tells them that he doesn’t want to go home now. He tells them to nominate him for a good reason. David tells everything to Lisa.

When Marcus goes to the diary room, Sophie decides to nick his alcohol. Charlie says that she should blame him. She’s obviously pissed. She takes two of his cans. Marcus knows that they are nicking his alcohol. They finally open it.

Marcus is in the diary room. He doesn’t like drinking alcohol with the HM. It’s kind of pathetic. Sophie and Charlie piss him off by always going on about the drink.

Charlie and Roddy go to bed together and whisper in each other’s ear. There is a little hanky-panky going on underneath the covers.

* * * * *

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