Big Brother UK S10E94 (Channel 4)

Marcus asks Sophie if she nicked his cans. He calls her a dirty bastard. He says that he will vote for her this week. Marcus isn’t happy and Siavash says that it wasn’t cool. Sophie denies that she is responsible because she didn’t open the can.

Charlie has come to the diary room. He says that he’s friends with everyone in the house. In the bedroom, Siavash wants to know who’s idea it was to nick the cans of cider. Sophie blames Charlie.

Roddy comes to see Charlie after he comes out of the diary room. He tells him that he makes too much noise underneath the covers. They whisper underneath a duvet. We can’t hear what they are saying. Roddy asks him if he said anything. Something sexual happened between those two last night.

HM are in the garden playing with some equipment Siavash won in a task. Sophie is in the diary room. She’s pissed off at Marcus for having a go at her for nicking the alcohol. She says that she is not speaking to him anymore.

Roddy asks Dave about one-night-stands. Siavash tells Sophie that they can make fake clouds, but it’s really expensive.

David is called to the diary room. Roddy tells Charlie that it’s for a task or nominations. He has to brush his teeth with stinky teeth with it for a minute. They will win a token and some music if they pass. It looks like he’s about to throw up. He can’t tell his HM about the challenge. He rushes to the bathroom to brush his teeth and comes back out. Sophie is next. She’s got pureed pickled catfish to brush her teeth. She tries and fails.

Siavash asks David about when he came out. It only happened when he was 23. Earlier, Charlie passed his task. Marcus is called to the diary room. He has to brush his teeth with stinky tofu. He’s got no problems doing it. Roddy passed his task. Lisa has just brushed her teeth with chili paste. Siavash is the last HM to do the task. He’s got shrimp paste. The smell makes him gag. It’s funny. He squeals while he does it.

Roddy asks David if the website of BB tells people if the HM are gay or bi. All of the HM have been gathered for the results of the task. The HM have won 6 token. Sophie failed to complete her challenge, so they aren’t getting any music. Lisa looks distraught. She was looking forward to the music. Sophie looks really weak. Sophie, Charlie and David go to the garden. Lisa is pissed off at Sophie for failing.

Sophie says that Marcus and Lisa will nominate her. She will be up for eviction. Sophie wants to go up for eviction. She will get 4 votes at least. Roddy is there as well. Siavash has got another plan up his sleeves. He doesn’t want to nominate again this week.

Sophie tells Marcus that she will be nominated with Marcus and Siavash. Roddy talks with Lisa, Charlie and David. He doesn’t want to talk about the noms anymore. They say that Siavash is scared of being nominated. David tells him to have his own mind about the noms.

Sophie doesn’t know where Sweden is. Siavash isn’t sure that she’s serious. She wonders if it’s next to Nepal or America. Siavash says that it’s really ridiculous. Sophie doesn’t know what Africa is. Siavash says that this is sad. She doesn’t know what a country is. Sophie thinks that Iraq is spelled Araq. She’s is as dumb as a cow.

Roddy and Charlie are in the bath. Lisa is in the diary room. She is talking about Siavash and Marcus. She says that they are scared of being nominated.

Marcus, Sophie and Siavash are waxing parts of their bodies. Both Marcus and Siavash took off parts of their arm hair. Sophie took off her eyebrow. Siavash also takes off his eyebrow. He screams like a baby. Marcus has to help him out to take out the rest of his eyebrow. It’s really funny.

Charlie has gone to bed. Dave has come to the diary room. He says that the house has a big of an atmosphere because of the upcoming nominations. Dave says that people have gotten competitive. He thinks that Siavash is the most competitive.

* * * * *

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