Big Brother UK S10E95 (Channel 4)

I don’t follow entertainment news, but my wife told me that BBUK will have another season and then it will be canceled. Oddly enough, BBUS is doing fine. Personally, BBUS sucks, but I watch it anyway. I love BBUK.

Sophie is called to the diary room. She will get a geography test. She has to ID 7 countries on a map. For each correct answer, the HM will get a song played. She says that she thinks that she knows where the UK is.

She starts her test and can’t find Brazil. At least it’s on the right continent. I think it points at Peru. She thinks that Russia is Australia. She puts it in Belarus or something like that. This was for Sweden. She knows where the US is. She thinks that Japan is near America. She placed Iceland near Mongolia and Japan in Africa. She thinks that Africa is the UK. She puts Germany on Morocco. She thinks that Sweden is near Iran. She puts it on France. She is called to the diary room. She only ID two countries. She put Japan in Africa. She can’t even pronounce Senegal. She put Germany in Chad. Sweden in Kazakhstan. Iceland was in China. She is extremely stupid. As dumb as a doornail. She won songs for Roddy and Charlie.

All HM are told to gather in the sitting room. Today HM will nominate. Over the course of the show, a few HM have refused to nominate. It’s a fundamental rule that HM have to nominate. BB calls two HM to the diary room. Sophie and Charlie go. As they go into the diary room, they are told about the consequences. Each time a HM refuses to nominate, Charlie and Sophie will receive a nomination. The HM see this on the plasma screen. Lisa tells the HM that they have to nominate now. Roddy asks Charlie why he is so quiet. He says that nothing is up. Marcus is sulking in the bedroom. Sophie tells Siavash that Marcus and David will be nominated. Siavash wants to be nominated as well.

Charlie has trouble coming up with valid reasons for nominating Marcus. BB makes him sweat a bit. Siavash tells Sophie that he didn’t nominate. Dave tells Lisa that something is going on.


Charlie            Siavash           Marcus                        “He’s got a gameplan.”
David              Siavash            Marcus                        “He breaks the rules.”
Lisa                 Siavash            Marcus
Marcus           David               Sophie
Siavash           Charlie            Sophie                           [Ed. Note: He didn’t nominate.]
Sophie            David               Marcus
Roddy             Siavash            Marcus

Marcus and Siavash are nominated. Roddy tells Siavash that he lost the plot. Roddy tells him that it was a responsibility of HM to nominate. Roddy tells Charlie, who walks in. Roddy walks away. He tells Lisa and David. He’s a bit of a shit-stirrer. Roddy tells Siavash that he just wants to look good. David says that Siavash that he promised that he would nominate. David is pissed off. A giant row starts. Charlie, Roddy and David think that Siavash is doing this only to look good. Siavash’s reasons don’t make much sense. Roddy says that he had to obey the rules.

Lisa tells Dave at the Bus Stop that Siavash is playing tactics.

Roddy and Charlie say that 30 seconds after Bea left, Siavash has been obsessing about nominations. Siavash pounces on Charlie. He says that he wasn’t nice to Bea. Charlie tells him that he shouldn’t have cheated on his girlfriend on national telly. Charlie tells him that he is a fool.

Marcus and the others talk about Siavash. Marcus tells them that he has told them about Siavash’s scheming before. Marcus says that Siavash wouldn’t want to go up against him because he would be evicted. Siavash is talking with Sophie in the living room.

Siavash comes to the garden. He tells the HM who are angry that they are angry because they want to win. Charlie tells him that his morals are shit. He cheated on his girlfriend and screwed his best friend. Roddy says that they shout at people who lie. Roddy and Charlie leave. Charlie told Roddy. He agrees.

Marcus is still in the garden at 2:20AM. Most of the HM are sleeping. Siavash has come to the diary room. He talks a bit and the show ends.

* * * * *

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