Big Brother UK S10E96 (Channel 4)

For this week’s shopping task, HM will be transported into the future. HM will be set 5 challenges over the next two days. They must pass 3 to receive a luxury shopping budget. David and Lisa are aliens. Marcus and Siavash are androids. Sophie and Roddy are robots. Charlie is an astronaut. To pass the task, they must dance to Harder, Faster, Stronger, by Daft Punk. The two dancers have words written on their limbs and bodies. In synch with the song and the words, they have to lift their limbs and show their bodies on which the words of the song are written. Sounds easy, but it speeds up and I don’t think that they will be able to do it.

Aliens Lisa and David have been called to the diary room. They are presented with disposable cameras. BB wants them to explore the new world further. They are going outside the BBUK house. They have to get their photos taken in front of landmarks by tourists. They cannot inform anyone that they are BBUK HM. They cannot speak to anyone but themselves.

Siavash and Marcus are sleeping in the garden. They get woken up by a BB alarm.

Roddy complains to Sophie about Siavash and his constant rule breaking. Sophie thinks that she will go this week.

BB communicates with Lisa and David via mobile phone. They are quite happy about their predicament. They must get strangers to take their photo at three London landmarks. They take their 1st photo. They get the 2nd photo. They get the 3rd photo.

Roddy comes to see Siavash and they make up. BB tells the HM that they are boring. They need to entertain BB for an hour and they will give a reward. They start playing dodgeball. Charlie manages to push Marcus into the pool. His mic was still on. Roddy was laughing very hard as usual. Marcus comes after the HM. Actually, after Charlie pushed him, Roddy threw the ball hard at Marcus. That’s what made him fall. Marcus says that he will push those guys into the pool all the time.

Siavash whispers something in Marcus’ ear. Charlie tells Roddy that he wants to run around in the runs. Roddy doesn’t want to. Charlie tells him that Roddy is boring. Marcus chants that Roddy is boring. Siavash quickly uses the space hopper to open a camera run. The HM scamper inside. BB tells the HM to get back into the main house. Security stops the HM from getting away, but they are scamper back to the house. Sophie and Roddy are lost. Siavash is somewhere outside. Charlie, Roddy and Sophie are in the task room. Siavash is back in the house. Marcus is still MIA. He’s let back in the house. He says that the staff looked quite worried.

At around 6PM, Lisa and David arrive back at the BBUK house. They are told that they can tell the other HM what they did today. When they start talking about their trip, Charlie starts talking about their escape into the runs. He’s jealous.

BB gathers the HM in the sitting room. BB tells them that their escape was entertaining. However, they broke the rules and they won’t receive a reward. They will be punished. Lisa tells them that they shouldn’t have done that. As a result, BB has reduced the prize money from 100K to 0. Over the next 10 days, the HM will get the opportunity to win some of the money back.

* * * * *

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