Big Brother UK S10E97 (Channel 4)

Yesterday Lisa and David passed their part of the weekly shopping task.

Marcus has come to the diary room. He says that David and Lisa are gutted that there is no prize money. He thinks that all of them are thinking about the money. Marcus doesn’t give a shit. He thinks that money is a means of making people happy. He’s lucky that the things that make him happy don’t cost that much. He doesn’t want to mingle with a bunch of fake bastards. They live in a sea of a bullshit.

The garden opens up. All HM must take part in a group challenge. They must power a light by cycling for 7 hours continuously. Two HM must be cycling at all times. Marcus and Charlie are the first ones on the stationary bikes. Charlie starts complaining after 1 minute. Marcus says that it’s quite jerky. After 3 minutes, Charlie has to get off. His legs are hurting. Lisa gets on. The seat is too high for her. She makes Dave get on instead. Lisa gets on Marcus’ place. Dave keeps shouting Nanou Nanou. Lisa makes him shut up. Marcus tells Lisa that Charlie can do it, but he’s just taking a piss faking that he can’t do it. Marcus also says that they’ve got to be careful so that they can do it.

Charlie comes to the garden. Lisa starts bitching at him because he won’t cycle enough. Siavash makes him get on. Sophie and Roddy make their dance. Except for Sophie missing a few cues, they do surprisingly well, especially Roddy.

Sophie complains while she is on the bike. She says that gangster is spelled gangsta.

Marcus and Siavash have been called to the diary room. Their challenge involves creating an effigy of BB using the HM’s recycling. They must compose and perform a song. They’ve got two hours. Marcus flirts with the possibility of not doing it. Siavash tells him that they should try. Marcus is still pissed off for getting punished.

-You are a bad man, and I don’t mean bad good, I mean bad bad, shame on you.
-Thank you Marcus.
-You’re welcome.
-Don’t ruin the surprise, I like you.
-Thank you Siavash.

Roddy has been called to the diary room. He’s happy that everyone is trying to win this task. He goes back out. David had to jump onto the bike. David tells him that he should tried to get out quick. Roddy freaks out a bit at him. He complains to Lisa.

Marcus and Siavash come to the diary room. They find a Gibson Flying V and some drum sticks waiting for them. BB tells Marcus that due to copyright issues, the cannot play anything is not original.

They play in the garden for all of the HM to hear. Charlie looks on. He obviously thinks that Siavash is pathetic. I thought that the song was funny. Charlie has become an astronaut. He must recall 20 constellations while experiencing weightlessness in a gyroscope. The aliens will pellet him with paintballs. David and Lisa argue. A BB spaceman starts spinning the manual gyroscope. He ends up covered up in paint and dizzy.

BB gathers the HM for the results of this week’s shopping task. HM passed all of the tasks. Earlier this evening, BB told the HM that Siavash and Marcus are up for eviction. HM are unaware that there will be another eviction on Tuesday.

Lisa goes on and on about how the HM didn’t nominate her and that this is an achievement. The HM are singing. Marcus is in the bedroom and swearing at the cameras for looking at him going through his drawer for his pants. He takes a bath.

* * * * *

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