Big Brother UK S10E98-99 (Channel 4)

It’s like having two kids on your chest.
Lisa to Sophie about her gigantic boobs

Siavash, Dave, Charlie, and Marcus are doing the shopping list. Marcus doesn’t like how much tobacco they are ordering. After arguing back and forth, they compromise. Sophie wants hair extensions. Marcus complains some more. Lisa pushes for it. In the bedroom, Sophie complains to Roddy about Marcus.

Sophie is losing her hair. She looks terrible. She is also fat. David tells her that she looks like Medusa, but not in a bad way.

Siavash is called to the diary room. If he packs up all of his possessions and things, money will be added to the prize fund. If he does this, he will win 10,000 £ to the prize fund. The money will be added only when he leaves the house in the outfit that BB will provide. He says that he will tell the HM that he is leaving.

He comes out and the HM hear that he has to collect his suitcase. He starts packing and Sophie and Roddy are after him. Siavash tells them the truth. He tells them that he wants them to give the money back to BB. Marcus says that it’s part of Siavash’s game so that he looks good. Marcus tells them that anyone who trusts Siavash is a nutter.

Siavash goes to the diary room to get his costume. Siavash looks like a Chippendale. He’s also got to wear high heels. The HM are discussing what to do. They all say that they aren’t in it for the money. Most of the HM are smiling. David is laughing like a madman. Roddy and Charlie say that this isn’t funny. They think that David’s laughter is over the top. Siavash comes out and says that they should tell BB that the money should go to charity. David says that Siavash can’t tell this to anyone. Charlie tells Siavash to drop it. It’s not happened yet. Marcus tells Siavash that if he wins, he should just give it away to charity. Marcus says that if they ask him to do something, they can take their money and get f**ked.

The HM are playing a game of I-spy. Marcus is called to the diary room. All HM are told to gather on the sofa in the sitting room. If Marcus allows a HM to cut off his ponytail, BB will add 10,000 £ to the prize fund. BB ups the offer 15,000 £. He wanted 1 million £ and a German sports car.

All of the HM have been gathered for a group task. Earlier today, the HM bought a mystery prize from the shopping budget. In order to get 1,500 £ extra for the prize fund, they have to swim a lot of lengths in the pool. They decide not to do it.

The HM are playing truth or dare. Siavash dares Charlie to snog Roddy for 10 seconds. He does so. Siavash has to brush his teeth with chilies for a minute.

Eviction night S10E99

Davina talks with the house and tells them that Marcus is evicted. He got 64% of the public vote. He gets a lot of cheers. There are some boos.

Davina is joined by Grace Dent and Andy Peters. Andy wanted Siavash out because he is very confused. Grace tells him that he was potentially one of the greatest HM in BB history. Grace mentions that he was creepy with Noirin. He also goes overboard with his aggressiveness. Marcus says that Roddy wanked off a lot of times next to people in bed.

When questioned about Noirin, he doesn’t say much. Grace likes him as a HM. Grace says that he’s one of the only HM who’s got a future in broadcasting.

I am the irrepressible dark horse. Film it, listen to it, live it and love it. All the fucking best, Marcus.
Marcus in the diary room

Big Brother’s Big Mouth

During the show, Marcus agrees to cut his hair off to give to genuine people. Davina agrees to divvy it up. The audience wants it genuinely. Well, he only cuts off a little bit.

* * * * *

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