My OEM Carbon Fiber Bike

Neo Exile
Neo Exile

I actually don’t know if this can be called an OEM bike. I think that it falls into that category since it can’t be a boutique bike. One of the models has been sold at least 40 times and all of the comments I’ve seen are very positive. This bike was designed by the same people behind the Storck Fascenario, and uses the same carbon fiber weave.

I plan on using this as my training bike, though I’d like to get a cheaper frame for training. I wouldn’t mind getting a titanium frame. I can get a Wilier-like frame for about $600.

But for now, I’ll start saving for a race bike. I’d like to get a Pinarello Prince or a TIME RXR Ulteam. Both of those frames are similarly priced in Taiwan¹. The main difference is that one is a monocoque and the other is a lugged carbon fiber frame.

I’m pretty sure that I’ll get a SRAM Red gruppo for cheap in Taiwan, probably second hand. That’s what I’ll put on the race bike. Once I get the bikes, it will be time to convert them slowly to weight weenies. I don’t expect my OEM bike to weigh that much. I believe that it should be around 7kg. A fork and crank from THM-Carbones would be nice, as well as carbon fiber race wheels. I’ll probably start with some light brakes and work my way through the components to get them to the spec I want. I’ve read up on the Clavicula crank from THM and it’s been mentioned that it’s not very durable. Sounds like a deal breaker to me.

Anyway, the OEM bike will have ’08 Campag Record and Fulcrum Racing Zeros. Other than that, it’s pretty standard. The bike will be raw carbon with a clear coat and black decals, though I’m thinking about having red decals, as I’ll be going for a stealth black with red highlights look. Handlebar tape will be red as well as the seat. The Fulcrums are naturally red metal, so they will definitely look good.


[¹] Even though the Prince is made in Taiwan, exported and re-imported, it retails for about $3,000-3.500 since the new Dogma is being sold here for $4,500. The TIME RXR Ulteam frame can be had for around $3,400.

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8 responses to “My OEM Carbon Fiber Bike”

  1. Garry Avatar

    I saw you’re selling these on the weightweenies site. I have a BRAND NEW pair of Topolinos 4.0 with Cont. Sprinters…want to trade? They have no miles on them. I need a deeper dish wheel. Let me know.
    San Diego , cA

    1. Jay Avatar

      wondering if you had this frame already and if you were using it, if so, how does it ride? also, i noticed on some frames sold by NEO Cyles that the cable stops for the rear brake that are on the top tube seem to be somewhat high on the tube, can you verify this?


  2. range Avatar

    No I haven’t yet purchased this frame. I’m currently weighing different options. As I’m in no hurry, I don’t have to make hasty decision.

    About the geometry, I haven’t really noticed this. Other bikers have bought this frame and I haven’t heard that this was an issue.


  3. Sean Avatar


    My name is Sean, live in Korea.

    In the recent days, I was very curiously read about your perfect articles.

    Also I have a plan to visit in taipei, to buy a road bike as a tourist about 2 night & 3 days.

    I want to know the exact price and shop place to buy a
    09′ giant tcr advanced sl 0 and OEM bike like your gorgeous one

    If I’m not bother you, please mail me to

    I’m so serious, caust I’m a perfect blind in taiwan.

    God will save you!

  4. range Avatar

    Hi, the giant shop I go to is located on Wanhua Rd, near the Jiangzicui MRT station, exit 3. They will give you 20% off Taiwan MSRP. This comes to about 158000 NTD. I haven’t checked the prices recently, but my guess is that they have come down a bit as a result of the ’10 bikes coming out.

    As for Neo Cycles, like the one above, which isn’t really an OEM brand, more like a small manufacturer, they make the Neo Exile, which retails for about 675 USD and the Neo Exile Ultimate, which retails for about $1300 USD.

    1. Sean Avatar

      Thank you so much for your great information!

  5. Tomas Avatar

    Hi there!

    I am looking for a Neo Exile Ultimate or a “copy” OEM of it or something else that’s on a good price/value.
    Do you have any sugestions? Would be very glad to hear them, you seems to have a good eye for this with roadbikes.

    Tomas, Sweden

    1. range Avatar

      Hi Tomas, I sent you an email. Cheers.

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