Moleskine Journaling

Spirals I did in 2008. Watercolors and Faber Castell inks

Currently, I only have one MS. It’s for watercolors and ink and it’s the normal MS size. It’s got 72 pages. I noticed that new folio-sized watercolor MS have come out, an A4 and an A3. I used to keep journals in cheaper notebooks, but I have tired of the cheap paper (ink and colors tend to run) so I’ll shortly get a slew of them from Page One. I want an A4 and A3 watercolor, with an A4 or large MS for journaling. I’d like a smaller pocket MS to take notes when I’m on the go, plus another one for my math research. From what I remember, I’m sure that they are quite cheap here and I’d like to take all of my school notes in MS. That could be really cool.

I have a bunch of paperblogs that I have never published. Plus, I’d like to use my daily notebooking as paperblogging. I’ll by a stamp of some fashion to mark the dates or I’ll just ink them in myself. I kind of like the idea of date stamps. I saw it used recently and the results were really nice. I think that I’ll keep my written entries separate from art. In the past, I combined both. Now, I’d like to just keep some interesting inking and a dash of colors in the margins to decorate entries.

So, here is my list. I decided to keep one so that it’s clearer in my mind.

  1. Large Sketchbook for journaling and paperblogging. I’ll mainly use inks, colors through pens and felts.
  2. Pocket notebook for on the go, maybe a reporter. To jot down ideas when I go around.
  3. Large notebook for math research. I’m specializing in Analysic, maybe holomorphic, though I’m not sure.
  4. Medium sized notebook for story ideas. I’ve been getting a few and I’d like to have a dedicated notebook for them. Makes things easier.
  5. Large notebooks for classes, 1 per subject
  6. Folio A4 Watercolor
  7. Folio A3 Watercolor

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I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

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