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Tombo ABT felt color pens
Tombo ABT felt color pens

I just went through my artwork and found a bunch of pieces that I haven’t posted or scanned. I think I’ll do this in the next few days. There are some pieces that aren’t finished. I started working on paperblog #42¹. I couldn’t decide on what size to use. I decided to start small, with a Maruman Soho sketch pad, 4.9″x6.9″. This medium is a lot better than the previous cheap paper I used for paperblogs.

New Soho Sketch pad from Maruman
Soho Sketch pad from Maruman

One of the pieces that just needs color is Cellular War. It looks pretty good. I started the paperblog by using ink, Sakura Micron 0.1cm to 0.5cm. Once I had written and decorated my text, which was short, I illustrated it further by using Tombow ABT felt color pens. I haven’t used them since 2007. I added more details with ink and then, I used my Faber Castell Albrecht-Dürer watercolor pencils, which are really nice. I’ve got a bunch of art supplies that I didn’t have time to use in the last year.

All 144 Tombow ABT color pens
All 144 Tombow ABT color pens

I find that creating art is very relaxing. Tomorrow, I’ll post my paperblog. I still think that I need a date stamp of some kind. I can see that paperblogs are different that journaling and notetaking. They evolved into shorter illustrative text, which is easy to do and also a lot of fun.²

Speaking of art supplies, I’ll go by the flagship Eslite store this week⁶. That’s where I buy my art supplies. I don’t like their book selection, but they’ve got a nice little art section. I need to buy some Staedler pencils. I’d like to complete my Tombow ABT collection³. I’ve got about 40⁴, but I’m still missing the rest.

I think that in 2007, I promised Jessica⁵ that I would post some of my art. I did, but I only posted a few pieces. I think I remember that I wasn’t happy with the way they turned out once they were photographed.

* * * * *

[¹]: This actually means that I’ve got about 30 paperblogs to post, all from 2007. That was the year we moved from Hsinchu to Taipei and I was working at a few different places that I didn’t really like. The paperblog format evolved. Towards the end, it was really getting interesting. There’s a good possibility that I’ll post everything.
[²]: I’ve always had trouble thinking about selling my art. I don’t think that I’m a great artist, but I do have a definite style. From my humble comic book beginnings when I was 13, I moved into mixed media pieces which I really like. For this year, I’ll break into oil and large canvases, something that I’ve always wanted to do, but never really did. I might open an etsy shop if there’s interest. I have trouble thinking commercializing the things that I create. I think they are fun, and that’s the main idea. It focuses your thoughts and at the end, you have produced something.
[³]: I always thought that Tombow ABT color pens were Japanese, but they are actually German. I have been really surprised at how well they work. I started buying them in 2007 and I haven’t been disappointed. There are 144 color pens in total.
[⁴]: I thought I had more, but I have exactly 34. Luckily, I created handy guides with colors and their numbers to make sure I don’t buy the same one twice.
[⁵]: Jessica is really a great artist. Visit her blog and etsy shop.
[⁶]: I’ve heard that there is an art supply street or alley in Taipei, but I haven’t been able to find it. Actually, to be honest, I haven’t really looked for it. I’m sure if I researched it, I’d find it. Stuff might be cheaper there.

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