Taiwanese Woman’s Quest to Kiss 100 Men in Paris

Yang Ya-ching is a 27-year-old Taiwanese music major living in Paris. She is on a quest to kiss 100 men. Until now, she’s smooched 54. As a francophone, let me say that smooching isn’t really an issue for us. Sure, kissing on the lips a bit more intimate, but not that much. Francophones everywhere give themselves kisses on the cheeks as a greeting. Her blog got a bunch of hits because it went viral. The photos of her kisses are here.

I guess all you anglos must be balking at what she’s doing while the Taiwanese and Asians are falling unconscious just thinking about it. It’s interesting, culturally speaking. Ask any young Frenchwoman, especially Parisians, how many men she’s kissed and you’ll be surprised by the answer. And there’s probably something that you’re forgetting: rare are the men that would refuse to smooch a cute Asian girl.

Author: range

I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

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