Survivor Samoa The Puppet Master S19E01 (CBS)

Well Survivor is back with another season and it looks like they’ve got more money to spend on cool shots of the island of Samoa in the South Pacific. There is an awesome shot of Jeff on the edge of the water, with 100ft waves raging in the background.

Jeff Probst does his usual spiel. The fury of the waves behind him is quite surprising. It looks like the teams have already been decided. Galu and Foa Foa will have to elect leaders.

Monica is a law student. Shambo is an oldie, former marine. She’s got a mullet. Russell is a late thirties, an African American lawyer with dreads. He gets 5 votes. He is the leader.

Mick is a doctor in Foa Foa. Quickly Mick gets 3 votes. Jaison gets 3 votes. Mick is elected leader. Ben is a bar manager from Missouri. He isn’t surprised that he didn’t get any votes.

There are some TM that I don’t even know the name of yet. The blond girl on Galu for example.

The leaders have to make a decision immediately. They get a necklace, kind of like an immunity necklace. They will decide who participates in the opening challenge. Mick picks Jaison as the best swimmer. Mick picks Russell as the strongest. Russell chooses Erik and John. Mick picks Marisa as the most agile person. Russell picks Yasmine who is wearing heels and has a voluptuous chest. Mick chooses Liz as the smartest, she’s an urban planner. Russell picks Shambo as the smartest.

On Jeff’s go, the swimmer swims out to retrieve a key. The strong person will unlock logs and carry them over to the balance beams. They must navigate a key through. The smart person will use the key to unlock puzzle pieces. They must assemble the puzzle to win fire. Jaison played water polo through college. He’s a black dude and Mike, a private chef, is surprised at how strong a swimmer he is. Jaison is the first one back. Russell unlocks the logs.

Dave thinks that John messed the swim up. Dave is a fitness instructor. Erik catches up to Russell, who’s got trouble with the second pile of logs. They are quite heavy. Russell is still first there. Marisa starts on the balance beams. She’s flashing some tits and they are blocked off. Marisa is the first one at the end. Liz starts working on the puzzle. A few moments later, Yasmine arrives. Shambo unlocks. Shambo makes up a lot of time. Liz finishes first. Foa Foa wins reward. Mariesa thinks that they won because Mick made the best choices. John is called a pretty boy by Erik because he lounges on the mat, all tired out after his swim.

Mick has trouble with Ben, who is very vocal at camp. Russell is an oil company owner. He didn’t come to work, he came to play. He starts talking alliances with all of the girls. He goes after all of them. He calls them the dumb short-haired blonde, the even dumber long-haired blonde, and the dark-haired girl. He calls them his dumb-ass girl alliances. He makes a mistake of talking with Betsy, who’s a police officer. She can smell his shit miles away. She doesn’t trust him.

Galu arrives at camp. Russell wants to start building a shelter. He talks about making a shelter based on a raft. Shambo likes that he took charge. John and Dave are arguing about what exactly to build. John is actually a rocket scientist. He’s also lazy. Shambo thinks that he is an engineer. He keeps running his mouth. One of the boys suggests jumping into the water. A little bit later, Shambo isn’t happy with Russell’s leadership, or lack thereof.

At Foa Foa, Russell starts telling stories. He lies. He says that he is a fireman and lived through Katrina in New Orleans, where he lost his dog. He’s already looking suspicious to Marisa. During the night, Russell decides to empty all of the canteens of water. He also burns a sock. He wants to make things miserable at camp so that he can manipulate others. He’s a multi-millionaire from Houston. It’s not going to work well.

At Foa Foa, Betsy notices that there is no more water. This happens during the night. Jaison’s socks are gone. Ben tries to boss people around. Russell thinks that he is running the whole show. The tribe didn’t get much sleep. This is an idiotic strategy because he will get voted out first. Already Betsy and Marisa are cued on to his duplicity.

At the next challenge, Ben eggs Russell of Galu. TM will haul some rope and some crates. They will then disassemble the crates to solve a puzzle. The winning tribe gets immunity. Galu has the lead. They have to get over some humps. Galu builds human pyramids to get over the third hump. The last A-frame is hard. Galu is over. Now, they’ve got to tie the ropes together to haul the crates over a short distance. Russell from Foa Foa is pulling hard. Galu has the crate back first. It’s only a few seconds, not enough to make a difference. Shambo starts giving orders. Foa Foa is making good progress, Galu isn’t making any progress. Galu wins immunity. Galu has got some team spirit. Ben looks on annoyed. They’ve even got a little chant. They also get fire.

Russell’s dumb short-haired blonde is Ashley who works in spa sales. Mike tells Mick that the weakest is Ashley. She should go. Mick thinks that Ash should go. Mike is 62. He’s got a large belly. He’s not very strong either.

Russell talks with Marisa, but she’s onto him. She says that she is weary of him. Russell sees her as a threat because she’s seeing through his lies. He tells Ashley and Jaison that Marisa threatened him. He tries working on Betsy, but I guess that Russell didn’t watch Survivor in the past. The ones that are the hardest game players early in the game get voted out quickly. He works his magic. He tells Mike, the dumber long-haired blonde, and everyone else that they should evict Marisa. Betsy tells her not to trust him.

It’s time for tribal council. Ash is vocal. Mike says that Galu was lucky. Betsy says that Ash is the weakest. Ash says that she is fit, cardiovascular-wise. Marisa says that there are different levels of weakness. Ben pounces on her for not answering a question. Russell says that he is going to vote out Marisa. They get into a little tiff.

Marisa is voted out by 6-3 against Ashley. She starts to cry. Russell is laughing. Ben gives Ash a wink. Ashley, Mick and Mike have got big smiles on their faces. The smart ones, like Jaison and Liz, didn’t say a word during tribal. Jeff kind of put the spot on Ashley. Naturally, she made a dumb comment. Marisa also made a dumber comment which is probably why she was voted out.

* * * * *

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