Defying Gravity H2IK S01E04 (ABC)

Defying Gravity intertitle, image via Wikipedia
Defying Gravity intertitle, image via Wikipedia

I honestly don’t know how I missed this scifi show. I caught up on it three weeks ago and was impressed by the show, the acting and pretty much everything. The fact is that I wasn’t expecting much.

For the first few weeks in August, I kept seeing Defying Gravity in queues. I expected it to be some kind of extreme sports show. That is until I stumbled upon someone mentioning it as scifi. I did my homework and started watching the 7 episodes that I had missed.

I was surprised at how interesting this show was.

Warning: spoilers ahead

* * * * *

The show is all about a mission in space, in the near future, by astronauts. They are on a grand tour, visiting all of the planets of our solar system. The mission will take six years. The astronauts don’t know the whole truth behind the mission, as they will all discover in episode 9.

Until then, they have unexplained hallucinations, which endanger the mission. Meanwhile, the backstory of the show is also shown. It goes back 5 years when the mission was being planned. Donner and Ted are two of the astronauts that went to Mars 10 years ago. Two of their fellow astronauts were still outside when a storm hit. They had to leave the planet. They were ordered by Mike Gauss, who was still on the spaceship. Donner and Ted complied, but under extreme duress.

Donner’s lover was left on Mars, as well as another astronaut. This has haunted and tainted them ever since. They were part of the training team, but Mike was under orders that they should never be able to go to Venus. As it happens, at the last minute, Donner and Ted were taken aboard after two of the astronauts developed health problems.

Eve goes on about how they were chosen for this. Eve is now married to Ted, who was involved with Jen five years ago. Right now, Jen is married to Rollie, one of the two astronauts who was grounded. Donner is involved sexually with Nadia, the German astronaut, but is in love with Zoe, who was also involved with Donner 5 years ago.

Anyway, there is quite a lot happening in the past to explain the situation of all of the astronauts. It’s quite intriguing. I’ve watched nine episodes and I’m still hooked.

* * * * *

All that Ted sees is the storm on Mars. Eve probes Ted’s feelings on the matter.

Claire talks to Mintz. She asks him how Ted is doing. Donner wants to talk with AJ, but Rollie isn’t talking much. AJ designed the system on which Donner is running the checks. It would be helpful if he was here.

In the past, Sharma pointed out to Donner some changes in the design of the lander. Donner tears Sharma a new asshole.

Paula Puke is back up and filming. The ship experiences an electrical failure. The rotor arm fails. This means that the crew quarters are without gravity. Donner preps for an EVA to check out part of the ship.

AJ is accosted by the annoying British reporter that Donner knocked out. He clues AJ into the electrical faults on the ship. He collapses. He’s in hospital. Eve and Claire arrive.

Gauss wants the electrical situation resolved. They aren’t having any luck pinpointing it. Nadia tells Zoe that she’s only a friend with benefits. She’s actually competing against Sharon Lewis. During the EVA, Donner sees Sharon, one of the astronauts he left back on Mars. He sees two astronauts.

In the past, it’s the anniversary on the Mars mission. Donner is antsy. Gauss joins the astronauts in celebrating the death. Gauss makes a speech. Gauss makes them toast their own failure. Donner walks away after the speech. They did it so they can fly. Gauss picks the crews.

Donner sees Sharon mouth that she misses him. Both astronauts fly off and Donner follows. She tells him that she loves him. Donner heads back to the ship after this.

There are more faults on the ship. Mintz is reminded of the trauma he has been through. The coms are out. The crew pressures Mike to get AJ.

Mintz is freaking out. Jen finds him. He’s reliving parts of the war. He’s got PTSD. He’s also medicating for alcohol withdrawal.

Donner figures out the problem. The shorts jump because of the magnetic gravity. There was a wrench stuck in all three circuits. Donner finds it and the shorts stop.

The crew informs Mike that they want AJ on the floor.

* * * * *

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