Survivor Samoa Taking Candy From a Baby S19E02 (CBS)

Russell got Marisa evicted. He liked tribal council. Russell is glad to have gotten rid of a strong woman. Betsy has gotten on his bad side. He tells her that she doesn’t trust him. He doesn’t trust her. She laughs him off. She voted for Ash. She thinks that Russ got very threatened by Marisa.

Jaison talks with Russ. He wants to know what was going on last night. Russ thinks that he found an ally. Russ tells him that there is an immunity idol hidden at camp. Wait, did I miss something? Jeff hasn’t said anything about idols yet. Jaison thinks that Russell is pulling some kind of pre-emptive strike. He actually finds one. That was very smart. He shows it to Jaison. Russ uses it to secure Jaison’s trust.

Betsy and Mike get treemail. Russ tells Ash and Jaison that they have to win challenges. Ash says that the next two evictees are going to be Betsy and Mike. Liz also says that Mike is going to go. The challenge has to do something with wrestling.

Over at Galu, Yasmin is complaining a lot. She’s got trouble living outdoors.

The hood’s not the wood.

The tribes dress up as Samoan warriors. They go to the challenge. They have to wrestle for balls to hand off to their tribemates. They will then try to lob balls into a basket. Fishing gear and another twist are up for grabs. Monica in Galu decides to sit out this task.

It gets physical quickly, as all of the men are in the pitt, while the women are trying to shoot the balls. Liz scores for Foa Foa. When they score, they exchange roles. In the next round, the women are in the pitt. Shambo scores a hard hit against the long-haired blonde. John scores for Galu.

Jeff warns them that they are on the line. They are too physical. He says that if he sees another chokehold, head butt, slap to the face, the player will be eliminated. They are to consider this their final warning. Ben gets quickly eliminated from the challenge as he kicked Russell from Galu in the legs. They start over. Ash and Jaison are playing 2 against 3. Eric scores for Galu. Laura scores for Galu. They win reward and immunity.

Ben is the first person to be pulled out of a challenge. The twist is a message for the leader. He can select one person from his tribe to go back to Foa Foa camp. They will sit in at tribal as well. He sends Yasmin. She has another message to open when she gets to Foa Foa.

Basically, Ben lost the challenge for Foa Foa, but Mike looks winded after taking a few hard hits in the challenge. Jeff asks medical to take a look at Mike. He collapses. He was having trouble breathing. He had low blood pressure. It’s not going up. The doc thinks that they have to pull Mike out of the challenge. His heart isn’t up to it. It’s medical decision. Mick agrees with the doc. He’s also a physician.

Shambo decides to go spear fishing. She strikes out and loses the mouthpiece from the snorkeling mask.

Yasmin makes a condescending speech and mentions taking candy from a baby. Jaison and Russ think that she is full of shit. He wants to make her pay. Yasmin is told that the hidden immunity idol is at Foa Foa. It says that it’s up a tree. She decides to talk to Ben for taking a cheap shot at her. They get into an argument. Ben says that she smells bad, has bad grammar, and a big mouth. He says she is pretty close to being a hooker. Ben doesn’t let it go. Ash thinks that what Ben is doing is bad news. There is a lot of confrontation. Russ is happy.

In the middle of the night, Ben starts pounding away making noise. Betsy thinks that he is trying to get evicted. All of the Foa Foa tribe is frustrated with him.

Betsy tells Mick that she is voting for Ben. It’s not looking good for Ben. Betsy tries to marshal some votes from the blondes, but she isn’t making much progress. Ash talks it over with Liz. Liz isn’t convinced. Liz talks it over with Russ. He doesn’t care. Betsy is going home.

At tribal, Liz mentions the altercation between Ben and Yasmin, only after Jeff enquired how it was at camp with her. Ben calls Yasmin ghetto trash and says that she should go back where she came from. Some of his tribemates visibly wince when he says this. Betsy is voted out by the group by almost everyone.

* * * * *

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