6.6 KM Night Run

After Chad bought some running shoes, I suggested that we go run together tonight. I hadn’t worked out for about a month and was jonesing for some endurance sports. Having someone else run with you holds you accountable.

It’s been a while since I seriously ran. I really love biking, but it’s not as good as a cardio exercise as running. I am always prepared though. I had a frozen water bottle for this run and it came in handy. The run was good. Chad brought his husky Ash along, and he was getting pulled most of the way, though by the second half, he had calmed down. I kept a steady pace.

My girl  joined us and we went jogging. I completed the first 3.3 km in 17:50. The whole 6.6 was completed in 29:38. This was our route¹. Naturally, there were a few breaks². I felt pretty good, though I noticed that my breathing was more labored than I remembered. However, I recovered very quickly. After having stopped a minute, I was ready to go again.

My weight is about 85kg (187lbs) now. It went up from the beginning of the summer because of a bad diet and not enough exercise. When I was cycling a lot, it went down to around 81-82kg. I need to be more careful. In the beginning of the summer, I weighed 78kg (172lbs). My goal is to go down to 70kg (154 lbs). Last year, the lowest I got was 74kg (165lbs) because I was running about 40 km per week.

Why do I want to lose that weight? Well, even until last November, I was pretty thin, the thinnest that I’ve been in years. Even then, there was a bit more weight that I could have lost, getting rid of the fat mostly. The less weight you have, the less you have to carry around with you. It’s just logical. For biking, I need to be slim. Unlike biking, I found that running really has a quick and large impact on your body. Fat just melts away. It takes longer on the bike, though I find that I prefer biking to running.

* * * * *

[¹]: Instead of going in loops around the park, we went along the Xindian river until the Huajhong bridge. We were on the bike path and it was really nice. Not a lot of traffic, a nice breeze, and great pavement. Also, I know the distances pretty well since I use this path for my biking route.
[²]: It’s been a long time since I ran consistently. I took breaks because my running partners needed them. I needed them too, though I didn’t really need to stop for that long.

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