The Amazing Race S15E01 (CBS)

The teams start of in LA. Brian and Erica are married and from Nashville. Ericka was Mrs America in 2002. Lance and Carrie are engaged and from Salem. Maria and Tiffany are pro poker players. Sam and Justin are best friends. One of them has Asperger’s. Mika and Cainen are singers from Nashville. They are Christian. Two Harlem Globetrotters are also racing. Sam and Dan are two Christian brothers from the Midwest. Gary and Matt are father and son. Eric and Lisa are married yoga teachers. Garett and Jessica have been dating on and off for years. Marxie and Ron have been dating for a year. They are older. They met on the internet. Megan and Shane are dating and from San Diego.

[Ed. note: Must have gotten most of the names wrong. I don’t really care enough to change them.]

Lisa and I are yoga in the hood.

The teams run through the LA river to their cars and their 1st clue. There is a new challenge for the racers. Beyond the backpacks, the teams will find their first challenge. The team that can’t complete the challenge will be eliminated right here. Teams must search for the license plate from the Shinegawa district in Tokyo. They will be going to Tokyo. It’s pandemonium. The teams just grab some number plates without thinking. Zev and Justin are the first one to figure it out, followed by Maria and Tiffany, who leave first. Marcy and Ron are in 2nd. Meghan and Cheyne are 3rd. Flight Time and Big Easy are in the game. Gary and Matt are 5th. Zev and Justin are 6th. Sam and Dan are 7th. Mika and Canaan are 8th. Garrett and Jessica are 9th. Brian and Ericka are 10th. There is only one more ticket available. Keri and Lance get the last ticket. The married yoga teachers are eliminated.

The 6 first teams leave first on AA which arrives 30 minutes before the other flight from United. The other teams leave on a second flight on United. Maria and Tiffany say that they work for a non-profit.

In Tokyo, the teams must find a TV station at the base of the Tokyo tower. Maria and Tiffany start bickering because they missed their shuttle. Sam and Dan from the other flight actually caught up with the leaders. Maria and Tiffany call them the hot guys. Sam and Dan think that they are Lesbos.

Mike and Canaan arrive first at the studio. Sam and Dan arrive next. Meghan and Cheyne follow. Marcy and Ron arrive. The Harlem Globetrotters arrive. Maria and Tiffany, Garrett and his partner are there as well. Lance and Keri arrive. They are going to play Sushi Roulette. One member must eat whatever comes before them. They must spin until they receive a bun filled with wasabi. Cheyne got the wasabi bomb first. Ron also gets some wasabi. The others have to each sushi. They both get it down. Teams must now match up flags to caps. Then, then must lead them through the Shinjuku intersection towards a Shinto shrine. Garrett and Justin get wasabi.

Marcy is nuts.

I’m in my body and having a lot of good times.

Justin downs his wasabi. Zev calls him a fat cow. Garrett gets his finally down as well. Maria gets the wasabi.

Meghan and Cheyne find an English-speaking Japanese girl who leads them to the shrine. Zev and Justin find an American who helps them out. Maria fails. She has to do it again. Maria gets it again. She tells Tiffany that she can’t eat it. She finally gets it. It was close.

Marcy and Ron are completely lost. Zev keeps bugging a lady whose shoe broke.

Meghan and Cheyne arrive first at the pit stop. They win a trip for 2 to Aspen and Vale. Big Easy and Lance get some wasabi. Big Easy finishes first and they leave. Lance is close behind.

Zev and Justin are 2nd.

With the basketball players walk around, the Japanese seem very impressed. Gary and Brian get some wasabi. Brian spits it out. Maria and Tiffany stop at a hotel to get a map and directions.

Gary finishes his wasabi bomb. Brian fails to eat his. He needs to roll one more time. It was funny. The former Miss America was screaming at him.

Lance and Keri arrive 3rd. Dan gets the wasabi. He finishes the wasabi bomb in one minute. It was the fastest time. Only Brian and Ericka are left behind.

Sam and Dan hook up with Maria and Tiffany, who share their map. Both dudes like the poker players’ lies about what they do for a non-profit, which helps homeless people. Brian finishes the wasabi bomb. Marcy and Ron finish 4th. Flight Time and Big Easy finish 5th. Brian and Ericka get someone to help them.

Gary and Matt get some directions. Garrett and Jessica get delayed by a tourist. Sam and Dan spot another team and split from the poker girls. Brian and Ericka finish 6th. That was pretty good. Gary and Matt finish 7th.

Maria and Tiffany have lost two of their tourists. Maria thinks that they went with the other team. Garrett and Jessica finish 8th. Mika and Canaan get some help. Sam and Dan finish 9th. Mika and Canaan arrive 10th but they lost a person. The old woman made up the rear and Canaan carried her up the stairs. Maria and Tiffany decide to make their way to the shrine. They have incurred a two-hour penalty for not completing the challenge. They aren’t eliminated. They will face a speed bump in the next leg of the race.

Meghan and Cheyne depart 1st to Vietnam. They need to take a bus to Cai Be. Lance and Keri bicker while they check out flights. Brian and Ericka decide to go to the airport. Gary and Matt do the same thing.

Meghan and Cheyne arrive at the airport. Brian and Ericka are also there, as well as Gary and Matt. Maria and Tiffany sneak in. Some of the racers don’t like the poker girls. A man at the airport recognizes them. Sam and Dan hear them talking and know that they are pro poker players.

There is a lot of rain and water on the ground. The Americans are amazed. The Harlem Globetrotters also know that the poker girls are pro poker players.

Sam and Dan, the poker girls, Mika and Canaan are on the 1st bus. Zev doesn’t like getting wet. Marcy and Ron are in the bus. The 1st bus leaves. The others will be on later buses. The next bus leaves 1:15 later. Matt tells Brian that they are on the 2nd bus. The teams decide to pay some money to leave earlier. That was smart of them. Zev decides to give some dude a jacket. Ericka really liked seeing that. The dude looks happy. His chicken is underneath the bus.

The teams will have to stay overnight. The dock has closed. It opens at 7AM. Maria and Tiffany don’t like Justin and Zev. Zev doesn’t believe that the poker girls are working for a non-profit.

Teams must race through the Makong delta to find some mud pits. They must get some mud to cover a tree’s root system. Maria and Tiffany hit a speed bump. They must find the ingredients for a soup and serve the dockmaster. The soup must be to his liking. They get the ingredients and run to the docks. He isn’t hard to please. Tiffany falls into the boat.

Meghan and Cheyne arrive first. Marcy and Run arrive next, followed by Garrett and Jessica. They’ve got a long way to go. All of the teams are getting dirty. The Vietnamese laugh at the idiot Americans. Ericka and Brian liked the mud. Marcy and Ron have trouble. They are old. Meghan and Cheyne finish 1st. They must bring back their boat and go to the Cai Be field. Brian and Ericka finish 3rd. Gary and Matt finish 4th. The bb players finish 5th. Marcy and Ron finish their task. Justin falls into the river. It was funny. It made the locals laugh. They forgot or lost the clue. Mika and Canaan see them go back. They actually find it. Maria and Tiffany finish, but Maria falls into the water. It’s funny as well.

Meghan and Cheyne arrive 1st. In this roadblock, teams must learn to get and keep their ducks in a row. They must heard ducks in 10 minutes. If they fail, they must start over in another spot. Meghan goes for it. Jessica does the ducks. Ericka does the task. Meghan had trouble. She wasn’t good at herding. Matt does the roadblock. He’s got no trouble. The bb players do it quickly. Sam and Dan are quick. Meghan is too slow and loses her spot. Jessica is also too slow. Sam and Dan finish 1st.

They must race to a market to find a riverboat, which is the pit stop for this leg of the race. Matt finishes 2nd. Ericka doesn’t shut the gate and they escape so she has to start again. The bb players finish 3rd. Keri finishes 4th. Zev is the duck whisperer. He had no trouble with the ducks. It inspires Meghan. Mika is a trainwreck and fails in her attempt.

Gary and Matt finish 1st. They win a kayak each. Dan and Sam got lost. Sam and Dan finish 2nd. Herb and Nate finish 3rd. Lance and Keri finish 4th.

At the roadblock, Zev finishes 5th. The poker girls are close behind. Meghan finishes as well. Mika finishes 8th. Marcy finishes 9th. Jessica’s time expires. So does Ericka’s. Jessica calms herself and tries again.

Zev and Justing finish 5th. Meghan and Cheyne finish 6th. Maria and Tiffany are 7th. Mika and Canaan are 8th. Marcy and Ron are 9th.

Jessica is doing well. Her calmness is making the ducks relax. Ericka finishes 10th. Jessica finishes a few moments later.

Ericka and Brian finish 10th. Garrett and Jessica are eliminated.

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