Survivor Samoa Its Called a Russell Seed S19E03 (CBS)

Galu is happy, but Shambo isn’t. At Foa Foa, Russell found an immunity idol without receiving a clue. Ben got kicked out of a challenge. Russell wanted Betsy out and he got his wish. Mick and Jaison want Ben out. Jaison was close to tackling him down for the racist comments he made. Russell is already setting up the next evictee. He is talking with the long-haired blonde Nat. Russell thinks that his group is the worst group in Survivor history.

Ben is showing Mick on how to start a fire. He can’t do it. Ben thinks that they are all pansies. Mick talks with Liz and Russell. Ben is trying to tell everyone that he is essential to the tribe. He took a big poop. He hadn’t done one in 7 days. Russell thinks that they need to keep him around.

At Galu, the tribe is doing yoga. Laura, Kelly, Erik, and some dude are having fun. Shambo thinks it’s a pile of shit. She’s not into yoga.

Russell tells Ben that Ash wants Ben to go. Russell wants to blindside Ash. He takes it up with her immediately. Ash goes to see Nat. She’s confused. Someone is blaming her.

The tribes receive tree mail. They all receive swimsuits. A tribe won’t be staying home after this challenge. It’s time for the challenge. Foa Foa is down to 7. 2 members will swim out to get a crate. There is a battle zone where they will face off against the other tribe. They must then stack them so that there are no repeating colors on each side. Russell sits out. Shambo, Yasmin, Erik, Brett sit out the challenge for Galu. The 1st round is all women. Monica and Laura head back with the 1st crate. Nat and Liz are slow. John/Dave head onto the course. Both guys elude Ben. Jaison/Mick face off Russell. Mick/Jaison head back. Kelly is unstoppable. Once again, Liz has to pull her tribemate out of the battle zone. Galu is going for their 4th and final crate. Galu starts working on their crates. Foa Foa starts as well. Galu easily wins once again. Russell is smiling. The reward is some cushions and blankets. They will be sleeping well. Russell can trade comfort for some camping gear. He takes comfort. The tribe supports his decision. Dave doesn’t. One person from his tribe is going over to Foa Foa. He sends Shambo. She gets another clue to the immunity idol.

Shambo is really nice. Foa Foa wants to have her around more. Shambo goes around hugging the opposite tribe. She fits in better with them than her tribe. She complains about her tribe. She gets a clue to the immunity idol. She doesn’t know that Russell has already found it.

At Galu, Russell explains that he took the items to take care of the women. John finds this idiotic. There are only a few cushions and mats. Erik would have traded everything for a tarp. He’s afraid that his tribe thinks this is Club Med. Everything will be wet.

Jaison tells Ash that if Ben isn’t evicted, he will walk. He has no intention of quitting, but he can’t tolerate racism. He talks with Nat and Ash. Meanwhile, Russell is telling Mick and Liz that Ash is going out. Mick tells Russell about Jaison. Russell tells him that Ben will leave after Ash. Russell uses the immunity idol to gain more of his trust.

Shambo is trying to show Foa Foa some tricks. Ash, Nat and Liz work well with her. Russell tells Mick and Jaison that Ash needs to go home. Russell tells Jaison that if the girls have a majority, they will vote off the men. Jaison thinks that it is ridiculous. Jaison isn’t swayed. He thinks that Ben is poison at camp. Russell has to concede. He wants his tribe to trust him.

At tribal council, Jaison says that he wants to trade Shambo for Ben, because he doesn’t do anything. Ben says that he votes for Ash because she is the weakest link in the group. Ben has got trouble dealing with someone who talks back to him. He is used to bullying people around. Jaison is a law student and has got no problem defending his argument. Russell says that Ben made some racial comments and that ticked off Jaison. Jaison says that there is no way to heal the rift. Liz winces again because of Ben’s ghetto trash comment. Ben is digging a hole for himself. Jaison calls Ben ignorant for not realizing that he’s racist. Ben gets evicted by a vote of 6-1. Ash whispers “Thank God”.

* * * * *

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