Heroes Orientation – Jump Push Fall S04E01-02 (NBC)

Heroes was one of the few runaway hits of the last few years. It’s extremely popular and has a large fanbase, transcending the comic book genre on which it is based. The plot revolves around the so-called Heroes trying to save the world from destruction. Their lives become intertwined as they struggle. Some characters are able to travel to the past and into the future, changing the stories as they unfold.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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The lackluster last season made me almost want to stop watching this show. As it happens, I waited until I had 3 episodes before I watched any of it. It was disappointing. Tracy is alive and killing Danko’s men. Peter is back at being a paramedic. Claire is in college and has an annoying roommate.

Sylar had his mind erased by Parkman and made to be Nate. He is slowly breaking down. Part of Sylar’s mind infected Parkman and he’s slowly driving Matt insane. The whole carnival connection has been done well in Carnivàle, no need for something like this in Heroes. From being a runaway hit, this show pretty much has hit rockbottom. I wonder if this season will enable the writers to save it somewhat. Season 2 was still the best in my mind.

I didn’t even post my recaps of Volume 4. I might have to in order to maintain a form of continuity.

The carnival connection doesn’t make much sense for now. There are a few new characters from there, including Samuel the leader who can manipulate tattoos, Lydia the psychic, Edgar the fast dude, and an old dying time-traveler. They are looking to replace him with Hiro. We don’t know why. They are also looking to replace Joseph who died.

* * * * *

Volume 5 Redemption

Some man is making a speech about his brother. He closes the grave with his powers. We see footage of all of the powered characters.

Chapter 1 and 2 Orientation – Jump Push Fall

Claire arrives at college. She’s got a new roommate. Annie has got a 12-year plan for herself. Claire has got a placement exam for a linear algebra class. They have 45 minutes to solve an equation. She leaves when she falls asleep and dreams about getting tasered by some officers. She meets Gretchen from Austin.

In Tokyo, Hiro and Ando have got an agency named Dial a Hero. Kimiko comes by. She is pissed at them for wasting 50 million yen. She blames Ando. Ever since a slushy incident 14 years ago, she hates Ando. He’s hopelessly in love with her. Their client is a little girl and she wants them to save a cat. Hiro has to freeze time to save Ando from a fall. After this, Hiro is frozen in time. Ando rolls Hiro back to Yamagoto. He wakes up with a nosebleed. Hiro is dying. Hiro says that there was a fortuneteller at a carnival. Hiro freezes again for a few moments. He says that he was back at the carnival and disappears. He’s at a carnival in Tokyo, 14 years ago.

Peter is back at being a paramedic. He’s got some spider-man like powers of agility. He’s also got super-strength.

In Washington DC, Angela calls Noah to inform him that Tracy Strauss is busy killing Danko’s men. They are revenge killings. Noah is ignoring Nate. Sylar was brainswashed by Parkman to play Nate. When Noah goes to his car, it quickly gets filled with water. It’s Tracy. He is saved by Danko. He wants to get help to kill Tracy. Noah tells him to go away. He goes to see Claire.

Angela has lunch with Nate. Nate says that he is feeling strange about his life. Angela phones Parkman in LA. She tells him that Sylar is re-emerging. She wants him to fix it. Parkman says that he isn’t going to do it anymore. He’s started seeing things.

Sylar-as-Nate starts to get his powers back. He uses TK and lightning powers, much to his surprise.

We go back to the Sullivan Bros. carnival. That’s where the action began in this episode with a funeral. A girl named Lydia is able to divine the future. Her skin flows with ink and shows Samuel Danko. Edgar comes by. Edgar has to kill Danko and get the compass back. That’s what Joseph would have wanted. When Edgar doesn’t want to do it, Samuel uses his ink to flow on his neck. A hand appears on his skin and starts to strangle him. .

Tracy pays Noah a visit. She wants to help her out. She doesn’t bite. He phones Danko. He wants him to forget about Tracy. The Haitian is there. Danko goes home and finds Tracy there. She doesn’t think it’s worth it. She doesn’t see Edgar there. He slices up Danko. He tries to slice up Tracy, but she freezes his hand. He runs off.

Nate phones Peter. He wants to know what’s going on with him. Peter doesn’t answer the phone.

In the present day, Lydia tells Samuel that Hiro was here 14 years ago. He wants an old man to help him out. They’ve found someone to help them out. The old man will send Sam back into the past.

Claire comes home from a party and finds out that Annie committed suicide. A cop asks Claire questions about Annie. Claire thinks that Annie was killed. Someone mysteriously found a suicide note after the fact. Her mom comes by. Gretchen is a bit morbid, obsessing about Annie’s suicide. She wants to solve the “murder”. She wants to throw a dead body out of the window to find out if Annie was thrown or if she jumped.

In Washington, Nate’s face has started to shift around. Parkman finds that his son has been kidnapped. It’s Sylar and he says that he wants his body back. He says that he is part of Matt and inside his head. It’s all in Matt’s head. He’s getting antsy. At a recovery group, Matt continues to see Sylar. Matt is no longer using his powers. Sylar-in-his-mind is taunting him. Matt is trying to interrogate a suspect. He freaks out and says that his supplier’s name is Keppler.

Noah phones Sandra and another man answers the phone. Tracy phones him back. The killer was looking for something. Noah examines the body and finds a key in Danko’s body. Noah pays Peter a visit. He needs a partner opening a safety deposit box. They find a broken compass. Edgar arrives. Peter gets his power and fights him off. When Peter touches the compass, it starts rotating. Peter doesn’t want to get involved.

In the past, Past-Hiro asks Future-Hiro to take his photos. It’s the photo that Hiro has been looking at recently. Hiro can’t get back to the present. Sam is waiting for him. Sam makes him realize that he is here to stop Ando from spilling his slushie on Kimiko. It was all Hiro’s fault. After he has done this, he shifts back to the present. Hiro thinks that he is on a mission to undo the wrongs he has committed.

Noah was attacked. The compass is gone. Peter is on scene. Tracy visits Noah in the hospital. She tells him that there may be a way to help them. He called Tracy.

Instead of using a DB, Claire jumps out of the window herself to see what the effect would be. She concludes that Annie killed herself. Gretchen saw her.

Edgar brings the compass to Samuel. He says that they need to gather the rest. When he says this, he puts his ink on Lydia and the faces of Sylar, Peter and Claire appear.

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