The Amazing Race Its Like Being Dropped on Planet Mars S15E02 (CBS)

The teams are in Vietnam. During the pit stop, the boat traveled from Cai Be to another part of Vietnam. The teams don’t know where they are. They have to make their way to Ho Chi Minh City from Mitog. Sam/Dan are both gay. They came out to each other and high-fived. Sam/Dan can’t find a taxi. Keri thinks that they are in Ho Chi Minh City. Zev/Justin find help from a local and find out that they aren’t in Ho Chi Minh City. She calls a few cabs.

Marcy’s dad was shot down in Vietnam. Sam/Dan finally manage to get a taxi. Another local tells Lance/Keri that they aren’t in Ho Chi Minh City. Gary/Brett arrive first in Ho Chi Minh City. The Harlem Globetrotters get to the theater first. For big dudes, they have trouble catching the clue from a floating dragon. The clue is a stamp of the Ho Chi Minh City post office. They must head there. Gary/Matt are 2nd. Zev/Justin arrive.

The teams face a detour. In this detour, they have to choose child’s play or word play. In child’ play, the teams must choose a concrete animal and transport it around and picking up some balloons. In word play, teams must head to a hotel and scan an intersection for some people with hats with words. Once they have the right letters, they need to get help from the locals to unscramble it. The bb players do child’s play.

The other teams arrive. Sam/Dan are in 5th place. The poker players are in 6th. Lance/Keri can’t figure out that the clue is in the bullet. For some reason, Mika/Canaan start dancing. All of the teams decide to do child’s play. Marcy/Ron do word play. Meghan/Cheyne arrive 2nd to start the detour. The bb players are 1st. They must may their way to Dien Co 008 for their next clue.

Gary/Matt lost a lot of places. The poker players break their dolly. They have to tell Sam/Dan to race. Kind of odd. Zev/Justin drop their giraffe and break it a bit. Brian/Ericka arrive.

Marcy/Ron finish finding the letters. Lance/Keri lose a balloon. Sam/Dan are in 4th place. For some reason, Marcy/Ron don’t ask around at the hotel for help to unscramble the word. The teams have trouble finding the stands for the statues. Brian/Ericka are in 5th. The poker players are 6th. Zev/Justing are 7th. Lance/Keri are dysfunctional. They are in 8th place.

The teams face a roadblock. The bb players are 1st. They have to break down some electronics. Meghan/Cheyne are 2nd. They are there at the same time as the bb players. Matt/Gary are 3rd.

After wasting time, Marcy/Ron finally ask for help and get the word. The bb players finish 1st and head on to the Reunification Palace, the pit stop for this leg of the race. Meghan/Cheyne are 2nd. Matt/Gary are 3rd. Maria/Tiffany arrive. Neither of them are good with power tools. Sam/Dan are 4th. Brian/Ericka are 5th. The bb players decide to follow Megan/Cheyne and beat them in a foot race. They do. The won a trip for 2 to Aruba. Megan/Cheyne are 2nd. They didn’t get first because Meghan wasn’t as fast them. Cheyne was first on the mat. Gary/Matt finish 3rd.

Lance/Keri bicker. Lance blames Keri because they both don’t know how to get to the next clue. Ericka/Brian finish 4th. Lance/Keri are dead last at the roadblock. Sam/Dan finish 5th. Maria/Tiffany head to the pit stop. Keri is so annoying. Her crackily voice is super-annoying. They are making up some time by going fast. Mike/Canaan are 7th. Lance/Keri leave 8th. Zev/Justin are still at the roadblock. Marcy/Ron are dead last. Maria/Tiffany finish 6th. Mika/Canaan finish 7th.

Zev/Justin beat Lance/Keri in a foot race. They finish 8th and 9th. Marcy/Ron finish last. They are eliminated.

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