The Vampire Diaries Family Ties S01E04 (CW)

The Vampire Diaries logo on CW, image via wikipedia
The Vampire Diaries logo on CW, image via wikipedia

Fresh on the heels of the boring Twilight craze, and the well-deserved True Blood phase, CW is offering up its latest in teen dramas. Apparently, this show drew 5 million viewers its first night. That’s probably due to Twilight-hype. I can’t stand Twilight. It sucks ass. I couldn’t read the books, but read a review from Dan Bergstein on those Stephanie Meyer books. It was very entertaining. The movie kind of sucked as well.

This is the situation, as I’ve divined it using my psychic powers. The Fox network saw that Twilight was really working well. Wow, maybe vamps are cool again, said one exec. Another said, maybe not, remember Forever Knight. Then, everyone went bonkers for True Blood. The same exec said it confirmed his theory that vamps are back in, notably teen vamps, not crazy sex-addicted vamps. One exec mentioned Teen Wolf, the other slapped him on the back of the head.

So, we need to find a teen vampire series. Wait, my daughter used to read some vampire thingie called The Vampire Diaries in the 90s. Let’s pressure L. J. Smith to write some sequels as an added incentive. That will make it cool!

Warning: spoilers ahead

* * * * *

The vampire pedophile is going to a dance with Elena. Meanwhile, Vicki is tired of being treated as trash by Tyler, so she decides to make out with her dealer Jeremy. Bonnie makes some more idiotic mistakes with her “powers”.

Back to vampires and pedophilia. Stefan is tired of Damon, so he poisons Caroline with Verbena. She in turn infects Damon. He is weak enough for Stefan to take out. They put him in a cell with Verbena plants.

* * * * *

Elena wakes up. She hears some doors closing and sees someone’s shadow. This must be another lame dream induced by Damon to toy with Elena. She sees on the TV that she has been killed by the same wild animal that killed Tanner. Damon terrorizes her a bit before she wakes up for real. At the end, Damon bit her. Stefan wakes up as well. Damon is in his room. He says that it was very easy to get into Stefan’s head. Damon says that they caught the animal, a mountain lion. Mystic Falls is safe again. Stefan wants to know why. Damon is covering his tracks because he wants to stay here. They stab each other a bit.

It turns out that Jenna was involved with a reporter named Logan Fell. That’s one of the reasons why she moved away. Stefan turns up to fool around and molest Elena. That vampire pedo, always up to his same tricks. He stops kissing her when he changes right in front of her. She doesn’t see this and he stops making out. Elena asks him to come to the founder’s party. There is some crap that she wants to loan them from her family heirlooms. Damon dominates Caroline into asking him to come to the founder’s party. It’s funny that Damon is reading Twilight. Damon tells her that he will kill her, but not yet. He needs her to do something for him.

Ty is the mayor’s son. He treats Vicki like trash. Ty asks her to come to the founder’s party with him. This is while Jeremy is there. Caroline tells Bonnie something about Damon.

Damon’s nephew Zack asks too many questions and Damon chokes him a bit. Stefan says that he isn’t strong enough to take Damon out without drinking human blood, and that’s something that he won’t do. Verbena could weaken him. Zack has been growing some for years.

Bonnie tells Elena that Katherine chose Damon instead of Stefan, and Stefan did terrible things to break them up.

The pocket watch goes missing. She confronts Jeremy, who obviously stole it. He took it because it was supposed to go to him. It always went to the firstborn son. Stefan tries to drug Damon, but it doesn’t work out. He needs to be sneakier in order to outsmart Damon.

Ty has Vicki go in through the back at the party. He keeps her in the back. Caroline’s mom is the Sheriff. Her dad is gay. Elena sees Stefan and Damon’s names on the original guest ledger at the founding of the town. Confederates rounded up sympathizers and wanted to burn down the church that they were in. When the “original” Stefan and Damon tried to save Katherine, they were shot.

Vicki is pissed at him for being disrespectful. She leaves. Ty’s mom tells him that this is what he gets for bringing trash to the party. Now, Bonnie is also pyrokinetic. Stefan put Verbena in Caroline’s drink. Since Damon drinks from her, she will slowly poison him through her blood. Damon planted a seed of doubt in Elena’s mind. She wants Stefan to open up to her, but he won’t and he blames Damon. She walks away. Bonnie apologizes to Elena.

At the party, Logan apologizes to Jenna for what he did to her sister, Elena’s mom. He wants a second chance. Damon retrieves some crystal that he had stashed in some box years ago. Oh, and Bonnie lights some more candles and while cool music is playing. Elena sees Caroline’s neck and back. She has bite marks all over her. She warns Damon away. She tells Stefan that Caroline has marks, bruises and bite marks all over her body. She wants to have him arrested. She is surprised that Stefan isn’t surprised. He leaves when he sees Damon taking Caroline away. He starts feeding on her in the garden. He starts choking on her blood, which is saturated with Verbena. He collapses and Stefan takes him away. Caroline finds the crystal in the lawn.

Vicki shows up at Jeremy’s place. She kisses him.

They put Damon in the cell with the Verbena plants.

The Sheriff, Logan, the Mayor and his wife are part of a conspiracy. They all know about the vampires and know that they are back in town. They needed the watch for something.

* * * * *

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