Polaroid Is Back!

It looks like Polaroid instant film and cameras are coming back! Polaroid film was discontinued last year. This created quite the uproar. For many people, Polaroid film was reminiscent of a simpler form of instant photography. Polaroid film and cameras will return midway in 2010.

Heck, this makes me want to get a Polaroid camera! There are some really cool Polaroid photo projects. What’s really great with Polaroids is it’s instant! You can get the photos right away. Almost like a precursor of what it would be to have digital photography. Speaking of which, the new Nikon D3S was announced. It costs $5,200 and can do up to 102,400 ISO. Sounds incredible. Personally, I’m fine with my D200. I’ll upgrade in 2010 or 2011 and keep the D200 as a backup camera. (via pica+pixel)

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24 thoughts on “Polaroid Is Back!”

  1. I know. I remember when I had one when I was a kid. It was loads of fun. There is something very warm about the colors that come out of those Polaroid shots.

    1. Yes, it’s the warmth and the immediacy. I know we have digital cameras which are immediate in their own way, but with a Polaroid you get an actual print almost instantly. Brilliant.

  2. Where did you hear it was coming back? Do you have a link to news or purchasing site? I’m curious to know if the film will fit the Polaroid cameras that were recently discontinued. I was disappointed to find out that Fujifilm, who was going to start up the instant film production in Polaroid’s absence, decided to release their own version of the instant camera and film, which meant that my old Polaroid would still be obsolete. This post has given me hope!

  3. It was a really bad time for them to discountine the Polaroid, seeing as the style is really coming back. Just the look of Polaroids are so funky, they would have hit it big…and will now that they’ve brought it back. Yay!!

  4. just saw you on the WP home page – great blog – I was so happy to learn this! I love my Polaroids – I stocked up on film when it was announced they would be discontinued – I still use mine for parties and traveling – this new model looks snazzy tho – I may have to purchase!

    I’ll be back 🙂

    Cheers, Sandy

  5. 11 comments! Wow!
    Yeah, this is awesome news. There have been some rare, genius photographers who have worked with Polaroid. I know one in Montreal, who founded the magazine Tokyo Journal back in the early 1980s.

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