Survivor Samoa Walking On Thin Ice S19E05 (CBS)

Shambo continued to alienate the rest of her tribe. She voted for Monica when the rest of the tribe voted for Yasmine. Shambo is the odd man out and she might just get voted out next. Monica has her sights set on her, but if she doesn’t do well in challenges, the target is still on her back.

The tribes notice that the ocean is acting up. At Foa Foa, Ash is happy about the food challenge. She thinks that she will do well. This worries Liz. She tells Russell. Russell tells Jaison and Mick. Liz is trying to spread seeds of discontent against Ash. Russell sees her as a threat. He wants to get rid of her.

It’s time for the food challenge. Gross stuff will be served up. They will eat Samoan smoothies filled of disgusting stuff. Up for grabs, a BBQ with lots of meat. The winning tribe will send one member to the losing tribe. That person will miss the reward BBQ. Shambo takes on Jaison. Shambo beats Jaison, who’s about to barf. He manages to keep it down. 1-1. Russell vs Russell. It’s the jelly fish special. Russell from Foa Foa has trouble getting his down, but he manages. Brett vs Mick. They get giant clam with sea cucumber. Mick gets it down quickly. Monica vs Liz. They get double sea urchin. Monica chugs it down nicely. Ash vs Dave. They get double sea slugs guts. Dave gets it down quickly and makes retching sounds. Ash can’t finish. Galu wins. She goes to puke in the bushes.

Russell sends Shambo. She didn’t want to go, but Russell says that she had to pay for that chicken. He tells his tribe about his decision. Russell messes up the fire. Dave and Russell get into it. Dave doesn’t want to help to start the fire. He says that he wants to hear it from Russell. He gets the panties out of his ass and helps out finally. He gets the fire started. They start eating the meat.

At Foa Foa Mick is surprised at Ash. He thinks that she isn’t carrying her weight. She gets comfort from Nat. Shambo shares the clues for the immunity idol with Foa Foa. Shambo thinks that Ben has it. Liz thinks that either Ben or Russell have the immunity idol. She thinks Russell has it. She confronts him about it and Russell lays down the law. He tells her that she is walking on thin ice.

At Galu, the tribe is freezing in the rain. Kelly regrets getting the blankets instead of the tarps. No shit. That was an idiotic move.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. It’s still raining. The tribe members have to hold onto some ropes tied to suspended baskets. The other tribe will fill it with coconuts. For Foa Foa, Russell and Liz are holding the ropes. For Galu, it’s Russell and Laura. Galu is on fire with throwing the coconuts. Foa Foa is bad at it. Russell from Foa Foa is out. It’s up to Liz. She’s out of it a short while later. Galu wins immunity.

At Foa Foa, Jaison is worried about his tribe. He says that he wants to get out of here. Ash says that she will vote for Liz. She doesn’t trust her. Liz is voting for Ash. She doesn’t think that Ash is pulling her weight. Mick thinks that one of the girls will leave. Nat is sure that one of the girls is leaving. They can’t strategize that they are all stuck in the shelter together. Russell can’t play his game. Russell is voting for Liz, but she is stronger than Ash in challenges.

At tribal, Jaison says that Survivor is by far the hardest think that he has ever done, even when he was training 9 hours a day 7 days a week, Survivor is harder. Ash says that she trusts Nat and Russell the most. Meanwhile, Russell is smirking. Ash is evicted by a vote of 5-1.

* * * * *

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