The Amazing Race Sean Penn Cambodia Here We Come S15E03 (CBS)

Marcie and Ron were eliminated during the last leg of the race. Teams are flying to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Once there, they must find the FCC and speak in a whisper to the editor to get their next clue. Meghan/Cheyne leave next. Matt/Gary, Ericka/Brian, Sam/Dan, the poker players all leave within 15 minutes.

They learn that they will be at the airport until 12PM the next day. That’s 18 hours in an airport. Zev/Justin are stuck in traffic. Lance/Keri are on the 2nd flight at 2PM, as well as Zev/Justin. Justin asks to be on the standby list for the 1st flight. They all make it on the 1st flight.

Lance is full of himself, like an idiot. He is antagonizing the other teams. Zev/Justin are 1st out of the plane. Mika/Canaan are in last place. Using a photo, teams must figure out that they have to go to Hotel Le Royal and find the photo of Jackie O. The other teams arrive.

A few of the teams recognize of Jackie O. Mika/Canaan thought that it was Queen Elizabeth. The BB players say that it’s a Cambodian queen. Sam/Dan are equally clueless. Zev/Justin are still 1st.

They face a Detour. In Cover, teams must locate a helmet stand and try to sell 4 helmets to 4 people. Once they return the money to the shop keeper, they will get their next clue. In Wrap, teams must head to the Russian market and locate stall 980 and 981. Then they must search the market to find a woman that is wearing the same scarf. Zev/Justin decide to do wrap.

Gary/Matt and Brian/Ericka are at the wrong place. Zev/Justin arrive at the market. Sam/Dan arrive at the hotel. They try to fake the BB players, but they don’t buy it. All of the teams decide to do wrap.

Lance/Keri decide to do cover. Zev/Justin are 1st. Teams must travel to Wat Toul Tom Pong where they will find their next clue. Sam/Dan complete their Detour quickly. They leave for the temple. The BB players find two Americans to help them out.

The poker players are lost. The teams face a roadblock. One of the team members must behave like a monkey during three tasks. Zev is doing well but the last maneuver creates some problems. Sam/Dan arrive. Zev is being difficult. Sam/Dan finish the roadblock and leave for the pit stop. They have to find Wat Phnom. Brian/Ericka are in 3rd place. They skip ahead quite a few places. The BB players are 4th. They arrive to start the monkey maneuvers. Zev finishes and they leave for the pit stop. Brian/Ericka arrive.

Meghan/Cheyne are 5th. Gary/Matt are 6th. Lance/Keri are 7th. They head to the roadblock. The BB players leave for the pit stop. Ericka/Brian leave as well. Gary/Matt and Meghan/Cheyne leave for the pit stop. Maria/Tiffany and Mika/Canaan head to the roadblock. Zev/Justing arrive 1st at the pit stop. Sam/Dan are 2nd. The BB players are 3rd. Zev/Justin see that they have lost their passports. Phil tells them that if they don’t find the passports, they will be out of the race. They are missing Zev’s passport. They head back to the monkey task.

At the roadblock, Lance keeps badgering Keri. They are 7th. Mika/Canaan arrive at the roadblock.

Brian and Ericka are 3rd. Sam/Dan are 1st and the BB players are 2nd. Gary/Matt finish 4th. Meghan/Cheyne are 5th. Lance/Keri are 6th. Mika/Canaan are 7th. Maria/Tiffany are 8th. This means that Zev/Justin are out. They come back and are told that they have been eliminated.

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