FlashForward 137 Sekunden S01E03 (ABC)

FlashForward title screen, via Wikipedia
FlashForward title screen, via Wikipedia

A mysterious global event causes everyone on the planet to simultaneously see, for two minutes and seventeen seconds, his or her life six months in the future. When it is over, many are dead in accidents involving vehicles, aircraft, and any other device needing human control. Everyone who survived is left wondering if what they saw will actually happen.

A Los Angeles FBI agent named Mark Benford (Joseph Fiennes) tries to figure out what exactly happened and why it happened. Along with his team, he creates a database of people’s flash forwards from around the world called the Mosaic Collective (for which a website has been launched). Apart from the various catastrophic visions, people also see themselves engaging in unexpected behavior; for example, Benford sees himself drinking again, and his wife Olivia has a vision of herself with another man.


So there is another new science-fiction series. Well, it’s hard to attribute this series a science-fiction label, as unlike the book, the flash forward that the world experiences is only 6 months away. In the book, it’s 21 years and tied to the CERN Large Hadron Collider as well as the search for the Higgs boson. It’s based on a science-fiction novel of the same name by Robert J. Sawyer. That’s strange. I’ve been thinking about the Higgs boson for the last few days.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

So a plot tool from Lost has become a TV series in its own right. That’s kind of funny. What’s not funny is how slow the story progresses. Even with Lost, the story moves at a certain pace. The first episode of FlashForward seemed to just crawl along, with nothing really happening at all.

It’s also described as a thriller, but I’d call it a fake-thriller, since none of the thrills are surprising. They are easily predictable. However, the show is beautifully shot. I hope that the next few episodes will move at a quicker pace and we will discover more. No improvement on the pacing. This show was picked up for a full season, but it’s still very slow.

I still can’t believe that Defying Gravity was canceled before this show. Seems like such a waste. At least in Defying Gravity, there is a lot better pacing and the characters are engaging.

* * * * *

An old German dude tells his guard that he saw something in his flash forward that will ensure his release. He is in Munich, Germany.

Erin is coming to see Mark. He says that Charlie’s flash forward has to do with D. Gibbons. Erin goes to see his ex-wife. He says that his daughter is alive.

Demetri’s fiancé is taking a plane home. After they have sex, she tells him about what she saw in her flash forward. She saw their wedding on a beach. She saw him. He lies and says that he saw her there too. She wants to set a date. Benford is informed that a former Nazi is requesting to see him. He mentions the 137 sekunden. This was on the Mosaic board. The prisoner’s report mentions Mark’s name.

Benford is allowed to go to Germany. The Nazi says that he saw his name in his flash forward. In exchange, he wants to return to America and have all charges dropped. Mark is considering this, but Hawk says that they can’t let this happen. The Nazi says that in his time in Treblinka, he learned of Kaballah. In Hebrew, the each letter is assigned a numerical value. This adds to 137. He says that he was in an American airport. He saw a named Jerome Murphy. He told him that he was coming home because of a murder.

Demetri trying to find Murphy. He’s not having much luck. Stan tells him to go through the applicants. He finds Murphy. He corroborates the Nazi’s story.

Erin calls Mark. He wants Tracy exhumed and her DNA tested against the military’s files.

Stan’s wife tells Olivia that she was putting a 9-year old to bed. She is going to be his mom.

Hawk isn’t happy with Benford and his attitude. The German government was pressured into letting him go. He saw the city burning in the distance. On the courtyard, he saw a lot of crows dying. He gives Benford a book. Benford was played. I’d just let the Nazi rot in hell. There is no excuse for freeing a Nazi. He needs to pay. If I were the German government, I wouldn’t have let him go.

Demetri is told that a tech that the call he received is pretty much untraceable.

After exhuming Tracy’s body, Erin goes by to see Kate again. He tells her that the remains were Tracy’s.

During the memorial service, Benford gets an idea. He takes Janice aside to help him out. The day of the blackout, crows died all over the world. In Somalia 1991, all of the crows died. Mark thinks that the crows dying is some kind of indicator. He finds out that the blackout happened in Somalia before. CDC doctors were sent to Somalia in 1991 to investigate a mass blackout.

The scene shifts to 1991 in Somalia. A boy sees all of the crows congregate and die at the same time. He goes forward and sees some kind of installation generating some kind of field.

* * * * *

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