Sanctuary End of Nights Part 2 S02E02 (Syfy)

Sanctuary title card, via Wikipedia
Sanctuary title card, via Wikipedia

I have to say that the season premiere of Sanctuary impressed me quite a bit. From on online show, Sanctuary has developed a lot. The show has a lot more money poured into it. Plus, the story is just getting interesting, with Magnus and her acolytes fighting the Cabal.

The premiere impressed me enough to want to write something up for it. I watched all of last season while it was being aired, and I really enjoyed where the end of the season was heading. The Sanctuary is a place where all abnormals can go to seek Sanctuary from the modern world. Abnormals come in all different types, from vampires to Yeti. I know that it sounds a bit stupid, but the show matured well into its new TV format, especially towards the end of last season.

This season is no different. Well, actually it is, but things just keep getting better. We’ve got a dark conspiracy, a kidnapped daughter that’s been brainwashed, and the Sanctuary team trying to right wrongs.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Magnus comes to the Sanctuary and plans on interrogating Kate. It’s funny how they are using shots of a power station as the HQ of the Cabal. Magnus talks with Dana Whitcombe. They want the entire global Sanctuary network in exchange for Ash.

Magnus has Henry and Nikola working on a prototype weapon to incapacitate Ash. Magnus isn’t willing to surrender the network.

Whitecombe starts her mission. They start in Tokyo. It takes them 20 minutes to take down the facility. They also stole all of the info at the Sanctuary. Magnus is briefing the Sanctuary heads. There isn’t much hope.

Will tries to talk with Kate. He wants to know about the remote data burst that was sent. They plan on attacking all of the heads of the Sanctuaries. They want to isolate them before heading for HQ. She says that they will hit the London Sanctuary before coming to the HQ.

Magnus arrives in London. The Cabal have hit Moscow, Beijing, and New Delhi. The new security measures aren’t helping. Clara is there. She gets a bit of alone time with Will.

The Cabal attacks London. The EM shield is active so they can’t teleport in, but they rapidly overwhelm the defenses. They aren’t affected by bullets. John faces off a few of them, including Ash. Ash rakes her claws across his chest and he retaliates by stabbing her through the heart. Her eyes change back and she collapses. This lasts for a few moments before they split up and go after their different targets. Will releases some creature that creeps onto one of the bogies. It encapsulates him and hardens, but another bad dude releases them. The fight isn’t going well. Nikola’s weapon works and they are all incapacitated for a few seconds, but it’s not enough. Magnus uses the weapon again. Will goes after Clara. The others make it out. The fire suppression seals have sealed them in. Magnus releases the elemental. Ash and her buddies start flaming up. Whitecombe retreats.

Clara is dead. Magnus releases Kate. She wants her gone. Magnus asks Nikola to create a weapon that would kill Ash. The Sanctuary is hit by a remote hack. The EM shield is down. Ash and her buddies arrive. Three of them go after Nikola and John. The Yeti takes his meds and gets into the fight.

Magnus tries to reason with Ash, but she claws her. When Ash is about to get Magnus, Kate hits her with a LAW. Henry reactivates the shield and another one of the bogies disintegrates. Ash stops another one from killing Magnus. She teleports and disintegrates with her.

* * * * *

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